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Dante Fowler on taking big jump this season: I think it will happen

Defensive end Dante Fowler's rookie season ended at Jaguars rookie minicamp when he tore his ACL and the 2016 season saw him record four sacks while finding his way in the NFL.

Blake Bortles will make or break the season for the Jacksonville Jaguars

As offseason activities are ramping up, the Jacksonville Jaguars will need to worker harder under head coach Doug Marrone to prove their talent. The beginning of last season was hyped due to the increa

Which NFL teams will start talking relocation now?

It's an NFL tradition. Team dissatisfied with its stadium/fan base/market/all of the above attempts to compel local government officials to buy it a shiny new venue using public funds by threatening

Blake Bortles admits he needs to avoid ‘stupid’ turnovers

The Jacksonville Jaguars recently came under a bit of fire for picking up the fifth-year option on quarterback Blake Bortles.Bortles hasn't panned out exactly how the Jaguars had hoped and most seeme

Myles Jack, Paul Posluszny helping each other transition

Myles Jack and Paul Posluszny are picking each others brains as they prepare to swap positions this season.

Dante Fowler Jr. should move to strong-side linebacker

His future isn't promising at defensive end, but I haven't given up hope for Dante Fowler Jr. completely.

Jacksonville Jaguars Daily: Julius Thomas ‘a better person’ after struggles with Jaguars

Miami Dolphins tight end Julius Thomas: Struggles with Jacksonville Jaguars made me "a better person" - ESPN.comNew Miami Dolphins tight end Julius Thomas was very introspective Wednesday regarding...

NFL power rankings: Peter King puts Jaguars last in AFC South

Peter King of the has ranked the Jacksonville Jaguars as the worst team in the AFC South and one of the six worst teams in the entire league — giving them the No. 27 overall ranking in his...

Julius Thomas says he’s a ‘better person’ after down years in Jacksonville

In terms of character, it's a safe bet there have been worse people playing in the NFL than Julius Thomas.But the new Dolphins tight end said that while his statistics regressed during his two years

Buccaneers, Jaguars to hold joint practices in August

The Jaguars and Buccaneers will be spending some practice time together for the second straight year. The teams announced on Thursday that they will spend two days practicing together in Jacksonville this summer.


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