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Get Super Bowl XLIX Tickets for up to 90% Off Through TicketScore

August 21st, 2014 at 2:19 PM
By Dan Benton

Every NFL fan dreams of seeing their team in the Super Bowl and now you can check that off your bucket list with the help of They have a system in place to get you to the biggest games for a fixed weekly buy-in price; and when your team goes to the Super Bowl, you will be there to root them on at an extreme discount.

Typically, TicketScore can get you to the Super Bowl with savings between 70% and 90% off the market price. That means you can score tickets to the biggest games (not just the Super Bowl) for a fraction of the cost and be a part of your favorite team’s history.

TicketScore works in three easy ways. First, you will pick your favorite team and the championship game you want to go to. Next, you will buy-in at a low weekly price over the course of the full season. Lastly, you can go to the Super Bowl when your team makes it at no additional ticket cost.

Join the Conversation..., Now the Official Fantasy Football Game of Sports Media 101; Sign-Up Free, Win Big

September 28th, 2013 at 8:35 AM
By Sports Media 101

Sports Media 101 Inc. is proud to announce an official, and exclusive, fantasy football partnership with

FightClub offers weekly fantasy football games suited for both the novice and professional fantasy football player, encompassing NFL football and NCAA football.

Sign-up is free and all new participants receive an immediate $5 credit. Additionally, if you sign-up through Sports Media 101 or any of our subsidiaries, you have a chance to win an additional $25 bonus each week. The $25 bonus will be awarded to whoever scores the most points. In other words, whoever proves to be the top dog.

In addition to the weekly games, $5 in free credit and the potential $25 bonus, everyone who signs up will have an opportunity to play the Sports Media 101 experts, as well as fellow fans and readers.

Players can win money each and every week, and do not have to worry about forgetting to set lineups, make waiver wire moves or trades. Your roster is set uniquely each week without a draft based solely on who you feel has the best match-ups. Ultimately, it's a true test of your Football IQ.

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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Minnesota Vikings Week 1 Preview: 3 Key Matchups to Watch

September 5th, 2012 at 10:13 PM
By Michael Hall

'Justin Blackmon runs around Arizona's defenders' photo (c) 2010, KT King - license:

3. WR Justin Blackmon v. CB Antoine Winfield

Justin Blackmon can hit the ground running with a good outing against Minnesota. If he could continue to draw the attention of the defense, Laurent Robinson could benefit greatly from it.

2. DE Andre Branch v. LT Matt Kalil

We all know how disruptive Jeremy Mincey can be, but what about the rookie? If Branch could prove to be effective against the 4th overall draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder is going to have a uncomfortable day in the pocket on Sunday.

1. LT Eugene Monroe v. DE Jared Allen 

The most important matchup to watch will be between Eugene Monroe and 2011 sack leader, Jared Allen. The results of this matchup will be the greatest determining factor of the offense's success. If Allen is kicking Monroe's backside up and down the field, the Jaguars offense will be reminiscent of last year, creating a wave of panic in the Jacksonville, Florida. If Monroe manages to keep Allen at bay, the Jacksonville offense should hum on all cylinders and the Jags should win comfortably. 

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Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew’s Return is not Surprising

September 3rd, 2012 at 7:03 PM
By Michael Hall


After an frustingly prolonged holdout of 38 days, Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew has finally arrived at camp. It isn't too surprising to see, though seeing as he had no leverage. His support base was shrinking rapidly, his backup, Rashad Jennings was playing very well during the preseason, and the owner and GM were adamant about not giving him a new contract. So it's no wonder that the star running back decided to cut his losses and show up to the Jaguars facility.  

So what does this mean? MJD will likely be a third down back in the regular season opener against the Minnesota Vikings and as the season progresses, he will probably regain his starting spot. He might not be as productive as in 2011,but he will probably put up impressive numbers.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Pick Their Team Captains for the 2012 Season

September 3rd, 2012 at 6:18 PM
By Michael Hall

'Blaine Gabbert' photo (c) 2011, Parker Anderson - license:

The Jacksonville Jaguars have picked their team representatives for the 2012 season. On offense,the team captains are QB Blaine Gabbert and C Brad Meester. Gabbert has obviously gained the respect of his teammates in his second year, improving his playing level significantly during the offseason and preseason. Brad Meester, the the long-tenured veteran who has been a consistent force on the offensive line since the days of Tom Coughlin. 

On defense, the team captains are LBs Daryl Smith and Paul Posluszny. Daryl Smith has also been a consistent playmaker for te Jaguars defense since he came into the league in 2004. Paul Posluszny was a free agent signee from the Buffalo Bills in 2011. He made an immediate impact on the Jaguars defense and played at a Pro Bowl level.

On special teams, the team captain is Montell Owens, a two-time Pro Bowler who has been a monster on special teams for the past six years. 

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