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Jacksonville Jaguars’ Terrance Knighton is Feeling the Love

June 13th, 2011 at 12:02 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Being in a small-market city like Jacksonville, there are plenty of players on the Jaguars’ roster that squeak through the cracks and never get the national attention they deserve for their stellar play.

Case in point: Tight end Marcedes Lewis just started receiving regular props when he became a fantasy stud this past season (even though he was  a complete player the two previous years), many people still think defensive tackle Tyson Alualu was a reach and I doubt most fans outside of Jacksonville know who Brad Meester (34) is.

And the new best-kept secret in the city Terrance Knighton, which is no easy feat considering the massive tackles is listed as a generous 6-foot-3. 336 pounds (perhaps a little bit more).

Knighton was an elite run-stuffer for the better part of last season and I didn’t get the overwhelming feeling that many NFL analysts took notice as he was clogging running lanes.

But I could have been wrong about as it seems this Jaguar is out of the bag.

In the past couple of days, ESPN’s John Clayton and Paul Kuharsky as well as CBS Sports’ Pete Crisco all listed Knighton as the Jaguars’ most underrated player. 

Clayton went as far to place Knighton on his All-Underrated Team.

So it’s definitely good to see the big man get some love. 

The last article I wrote was about how Knighton and Alualu both had the opportunity to become a great defensive tackle duo and the main reason I feel that way is because of Knighton.

This guy has the potential to become one of the league’s most dominant one-technique players. Heck, he was at that level during points of last season although fatigue got the best of him as the year progressed. 

But when he was on top of his game, Knighton was great. Football Outsiders statistics list  the Jaguars as being third in the NFL in stuffs. That means Knighton and his fellow linemen stopped running backs for no gains or tackles for losses on 23 percent of run attempts. 

There are other stats you could look at that indicated the team's overall defensive struggle but that right there directly indicates how solid Knighton was for the Jaguars.

Going forward, Knighton has the ability to go from being tagged as underrated to being considered great. Even though Jacksonville players can get overlooked they eventually get what they deserve when they consistently play at a high level.

Knighton still has to work on the consistency part but the potential is there for him to be absolutely dominant…and people covering the league are taking notice. 

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