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Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew Says His Knee is Fine

July 7th, 2011 at 1:26 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Maurice Jones-Drew will be a hot topic for Jacksonville Jaguars fans until he hits the playing field and proves he is fully recovered from a torn meniscus he suffered last year.

The All-Pro running back insists however that his knee is in tip-top shape and neither coaches nor fans should worry about him.
Jacksonville Jaguars Maurice Jones-Drew (32) is blocked by the Denver Broncos Jamal Williams (76) during the fourth quarter of their NFL football game in Jacksonville, Florida September 12, 2010. REUTERS/Daron Dean (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)
"I can still carry the load regardless of what surgery I had or whatnot," Jones-Drew said. "They're going to be kind of anxious to throw Rashad [Jennings] in, and they're already kind of scared of my knee. … I want to be able to be out the gates playing because it's a production-based business. They're already skeptical maybe it's his knee, maybe we're working him too hard, we should give him a break."
Jacksonville’s offense will go as Jones-Drew goes. He rushed for 1,324 yards despite the lingering meniscus injury and is arguably the best back in the NFL.
The Jaguars will have to walk a fine line between giving Jones-Drew a fair amount of reps without wearing him down. Fortunately for the team, Jennings has the makings of a starting-caliber back and he will be able to effectively spell Jones-Drew.
Jones-Drew also expressed in the article that he was willing to prove himself in camp that he’s at 100 percent.
"If I have to go through double days in camp to prove it, I will," Jones-Drew said. "I'm fine."
As always, it seems that Jones-Drew has a chip on his shoulder. There’s no problem with that at all if he doesn’t push himself too much and takes his time in recovering. 
Obviously we won't really know just how good Jones-Drew's knee is doing until we see him practice or play. He says he's fine so you have to take Jones-Drew at his word, but I know I will be carefully watching his progress whenever the season begins. 
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