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After an Offseason of MMA Training, Marcedes Lewis Could Become a Monster

July 12th, 2011 at 12:20 PM
By Michael Hall

You heard me, Marcedes Lewis might become the next big name in the league during this next football season. Why? Not just because of his 6-6, 275 pound frame, nor the fact that he tied the team record in recieiving touchdowns. It will be because of the way he trains.


NFL players utilizing MMA training in order to improve their skills on the field is becoming a trend lately  Players such as Clay Matthews, Jared Allen, and our very own Marcedes Lewis and Kirk Morrison have been among those that have decided to go through the grueling, high-intensity training (Notice how most of these guys are sweating profusely?).  I'm not that big on MMA, but I can imagine that  the styles taught in MMA training, like many other martial arts would involve the improvement of hand speed, strength quickness/burst, and endurance. All of which would be beneficial to most of the positions on the football field, especially for a receiver that will often have to face chips and jamming at the line of scrimmage as he is running his routes.

Marcedes has built a reputation around the league as a great blocking tight end since he was drafted in the first round of  the 2006 NFL Draft. However, in the past couple of years, he has emerged as a receiving threat. In 2009, he caught 32 passes for 518 yards, resulting in a tight end-leading 16.2 YPC. In 2010, his skills emerged even more, with Lewis catching 52 passes for 700 yards and 10 TDs, resulting in a Pro Bowl bid.  

Marcedes is already a mismatch against most defenses, being a large target that is agile and has defensive backs bounce off of him, but armed with MMA training, he could set the league on fire in the 2011 season. That means nothing but good things for Jacksonville Jaguars fans.  

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  1. I’d imagine the added flexibility and explosiveness that comes from MMA training will undoubtedly help Lewis out. Personally, I feel he is already the most complete tight end in the NFL and one more big season will make him the premier tight end in the NFL.

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