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Help Needed: Who Will X-Factors of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Back Seven?

July 22nd, 2011 at 9:37 PM
By Michael Hall


If you ask any expert about the Jaguars, they would say that the back seven of Jaguars is weak and needs to be addressed immediately. So, what can we say about the back seven of the defense? There are a couple of solid veterans in Daryl Smith and Rashean Mathis and there are a couple of rising  stars in Courtney Greene and Derek Cox. Who will be the ones that need to step up? Find out after the picture…

The first X-Factor for 2011 is Derek Cox. Cox is a young corner that has dealt with adversity during the previous season, being benched due to what may have been a combination of injuries and a lack of confidence. However, when he was put back in, he responded well and managed to get 4 interceptions last year, leading the team for the second straight year. Now, in his third year after being drafted in the third round of the 2009 draft, he is at the point in his career where he needs to step up and become more of a ballhawk. If the Jaguars are going to be successful in the 2011, he needs to end up in the 6-7 interception range. That is unless the next guy steps up…

X-Factor numero dos for the Jaguars is the hometown kid (not Tim Tebow), Rashean Mathis. During the glory days of the Jaguars defense, Mathis was a star on the defense that "nobody wanted to face". However, Mathis' play has deteriorated in the past few years due to injury. However, if he regains his old form, the Jags could be well on their way to prolonged success.

The third X-Factor is Chris Prosinski. In case you don't know, he is the Jaguars 4th round pick (121st overall). He seems to be a fast safety (Ran a 4.39 40- time), who is smart (He was recruited by Harvard out of high school) who has solid tackling skills. That sounds like good news if you have seen the safety play in the past few years. If Prosinski manages to make an impact this year, that could go a long way for dealing with the aerial circus teams that the Jags will be facing this year. 

Free Agent X-Factors:

Safety Eric Weddle is the first of the free agent X-Factors. He may not amaze you with a display of pure athleticism, but he got the job done as a part of San Diego's surprisingly solid defense. He has a chance to make an immediate impact in the Jaguars secondary this year, due to the fact that our safety corps have been weak. He has recognized that we need a safety, so look for rumors (By that, I mean check his Twitter account) of Weddle lurking around Jacksonville once this lockout is finally lifted.  

Inside Linebacker Paul Posloszny is the second of the free agent X-Factors. He is known for being a smart linebacker that could be a perfect fit in the middle of the Jaguars defense. Unfortunately, we will have to pry him from the cold dead fingers of the Buffalo Bills, which brings me to another option for MLB.

The next free agent X-Factor is Middle Linebacker Kirk Morrison. Acquired in a trade with the Raiders in the 2010 NFL Draft, he played for Jaguars to mixed reviews. However, to his defense, this was his first year in a completely new defensive system. Another year working in the system could make a difference, especially in a lockout-shortened offseason.

Other possible free agents could include James Anderson, Barrett Ruud, Stephen Tulloch, and Chad Greenway. All of which I know almost nothing about, but they are names that I have heard tossed around. Have a happy weekend everyone and stay cool with this heat wave..


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