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Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Chronicles: Observations at PM Training Camp

July 30th, 2011 at 11:44 PM
By Michael Hall

On a very warm afternoon, I finally got a chance to go watch a Jaguars Training Camp session for the first time. However, in an act of clumsiness, I forgot to bring my notepad with me, so I'm winging it for this one. I also didn't have a very good spot to see every little detail, so bear with me.


David Garrard seems to still be shaking away some off the rust. Some of his deeper throws have been off the mark, including one to Miller, who was open down the field. His short passes seem to be fine, though.

Blaine Gabbert is HUGE! I'm a pretty tall guy and he's taller than me. He's got a pretty good arm too. He can sling it, but he's also pretty accurate. On one play, he threw to a receiver on an out route just over the outstretched arms of a cornerback (I believe it was Rod Isaac.). He also smoked one to a receiver 30 yards down the field. However, with the ups, there were downs. Gabbert almost threw a couple of interceptions (One by Matt Estrada, which I thought he caught and returned as a pick six).

Brock Bolen is thick and he can really move. On one play in particular, he was making people miss as he ran for a significant amount of yardage. Looks like someone is going to be a hit in preseason again.

Maurice Jones-Drew left early, but not because of injury, because he wasn't limping or anything. Plus, he was signing a bunch of autographs for the fans near the fences. Not surprisingly, people started swarming over to the fences.

Kassim Osgood turned heads when he snatched the ball away Derek Cox on a pass from David Garrard during the two minute drill. 


Aaron Kampman, doesn't look like a guy that had two straight knee surgeries.

Chris Prosinski looks quick and he changes direction quite well. I can see why Gene likes him,. However, I didn't see much of him., since I was focused on the QBs.

Also speaking tall, Austen Lane is huge as well. He also displayed a couple of good moves dutring some of the drills. I hope that translate to more pressure on the QB this year

In a bit of a negative note, in the CB interception drills, T.J. Heath, an UDFA from Jacksonville State, tried to catch a ball one handed and missed. He's definitely trying his best to stick on the roster. 

Special Teams

Brian Saunders, an UDFA from Virginia Tech, seemed to have a bit a of a weaker leg with punts that consistently went for about 35 yards. Then again, it might have been a part of the drill, since he also kept kicking it to the exact same spot, which is kinda impressive.

There's a guy wearing a #3 jersey out in special teams. The guy looks fast. I don't know who that guy is, but I'll find out his name eventually. Deji Karim didn't look too bad either.

Other Notes

Bring some hydration, it's hot out there.

If you just want to hang around, just stay around the cool fans. The bleachers are usually crowded anyways.

DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT WEAR JEANS OF ANY KIND!!! Unless you like chafing…


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