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Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Chronicles: PM Training Camp 8/1/2011

August 2nd, 2011 at 11:58 AM
By Michael Hall


It was just another night at Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp. There were a bunch of individual drills today, especially with the defensive backs, but it felt like a great evening to play some football. Let's get to the details.


David Garrard looked decent through the practice, but his trademark inconsistency is still apparent. It seems that he is working on that long pass to Zach Miller because I've seen that pass attempted in both of the practices that I’ve seen this year. He almost hit Miller this time, with the ball barely missing Zach Miller's fingertips. However, on the next play, he went back to Miller on the deep pass and Miller held on.

Luke McCown threw some nice passes today, especially on a deep pass to TE Tommy Gallarda. However, his most impressive play was in the rushing drill, where he fooled the defense, by keeping the ball and running for a significant gain. 

Blaine Gabbert still throws lasers around the field (Just look at this youtube video I found). He's still having some struggles with taking snaps from center, but it's to be expected. Another interesting note is that he took some snaps with the first team offense.  Don't read too far into it, but it is still an interesting note.

Jamar Newsome showed some good yards after catch ability with the catch and run shown above. His skills seem similar to another Jaguar receiver from his alma mater, Mike Sims-Walker. 

Jason Hill looks like he has been working on his hands in the offseason while training with Maurice Jones-Drew. He was catching bunch of balls from who I can only assume is the wide receivers coach, Johnny Cox. Sure, other guys like Mike Thomas and Cecil Shorts were catching passes, but Hill was consistently catching passes with only one hand. For someone with a knack for making impressive plays on deep passes, this is an encouraging thing to see as a Jaguar fan.

Zach Miller seems to have gotten over his case of the dropsies from the earlier training camp days. That's a good sign, especially if Marcedes' contract situation worsens.

Tommy Gallarda made a spectacular play in what I believe was the 11×11 drill. Luke McCown threw a deep ball to Gallarda, which he caught. He then proceeded to run past the defenders for a touchdown.

Mike Thomas was catching everything that came his way as usual, however, in the 11×11 drill, Garrard threw a pass that was behind him, and Thomas managed to reach back and catch the ball one-handed. However, the momentum carried him to the ground, resulting in a very small gain. That is what Mike Sims-Walker should've been able to do in last year's Giants' game and that is probably the reason why the Jaguars let him walk as a free agent.


Aaron Morgan was in the backfield so often, he should be paying rent.  On one particular play I was focusing on Rackley, who was blocking towards the left side with Monroe. That left enough room for Morgan to squeeze through and pressure Garrard. The burst that he displays is crazy fast and I'm not exaggerating it. He's got the moves, he's got the burst, I just hope that he doesn't get swallowed up by linemen due to his lighter weight frame.(6-4, 238 pounds)

Austen Lane was also disruptive, but not to the degree of Morgan. He was more a run stuffer today, which is just fine.

Mel Tucker was quite involved with the defensive backs. A lot of the drills that he had involved contact and also involved tracking the ball. For example, one of the more entertaining drills involved a DB (For the sake of argument, let's say it was Rod Isaac) trotting in place and having another DB run into him. Isaac would have to push the other DB out of the way. This would happen three times and then a DB with a football in hand would come up and Isaac would have to tackle the guy (Well, it was more like wrapping up) and then strip the ball. Don Carey had the best sounding hit as he lifted his guy from the ground a bit.

On the RB/LB blitz  blocking drills, Daryl Smith knocked Greg Jones backwards. For those who know Greg Jones, he does NOT GO BACKWARDS!

Other Notes:

Paul Pozluszny and Clint Session were observing the LB drills, with Jack Del Rio and Mark Duffner offering advice, presumably about the audibles and terminology.

Josh Scobee was money on his field goal kicking as usual and it looks like Brian Saunders is the new holder, replacing Adam Podlesh.

To the parents, don't let your little kids borrow your camera. One mom decided to let her kid try to take a picture and the kid fell down on the steps right next to me (which was probably still wet from the earlier thunderstorms), damaging the camera.


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