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Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Chronicles: Five Rookies to Watch for in the Preseason

August 8th, 2011 at 10:51 PM
By Michael Hall

It's finally football week and we at Jaguars 101 are coming up with special articles corresponding with the start of the preseason. Today, we are going over the five Jacksonville Jaguars rookies to keep an eye on going into the season.

1. Will Rackley

This guard out of Lehigh University is supposed to be one of the future keystones of the offensive line. Let's see if he can hold his own against the likes of Vince Wilfork and Albert Haynesworth.

2. Chris Prosinski

With the horrid safety play last season, Chris Prosinski was drafted to be the future answer at the position, Proz has been billed as a rangy safety that can actually hit AND wrap up on tackles (trust me, there is a difference between the two). After sustaining a bit of an injury during training camp, he couldn't play during the scrimmage. However, fans will get their first real glimpse of him on Thursday. 

3. Cecil Shorts

Many fans see the receiving corps as a severe weakness on the team, but Cecil Shorts has been turning some heads in training camp by catching almost every pass that came his way. With how many ways he could score in college, you will probably see him everywhere during this preseason, whether it is as a receiver, a return man, or possibly a running back.

2. Armon Binns/Jamar Newsome

Okay, I lied, but they are both in practically the same position. Both players are undrafted receivers that have made their presence known throughout training camp. Armon Binns, a first team All-Big East selection in 2010, has used his superior size (6-3, 209 pounds) to muscle his way to the ball. Jamar Newsome, out of UCF, is your prototypical YAC wide receiver that may not burn the defensive backs, but when he gets the ball, he makes his man miss and runs upfield. Like I've said before, his skillset reminds you of a recently departed receiver that also hailed from UCF. They will likely be getting a LOT of playing time during the preseason, so keep your eyes' on these two, as well as Greg Ellingson.

1. Blaine Gabbert

Was there ever any doubt? Gabbert is supposed to be the future face of the Jaguars franchise. Due to David Garrard's back injury, Gabbert will be starting the first preseason game against the New England Patriots. If he tears it up against the Patriots defense, the Jaguars might have a full blown QB controversy on their hands.


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