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Jacksonville Jaguars Use Tractor Beam, Sign Quarterback Todd Bouman (Again)

August 9th, 2011 at 5:05 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Some use the expression “going back to the well” when referring to a repetitive reliance on something faithful and consistent. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars call it going back to the tractor.  

Well the Jaguars have again gone back to the tractor, as the team signed 39 year old quarterback Todd Bouman on Tuesday. This is the seventh time he’s been signed by the team in five seasons.

The tractor reference comes from when the Jaguars again obtained Bouman in 2010. He was sitting on a tractor in Minnesota, helping his father farm, when Jacksonville contacted him.
"We actually made a call to the tractor again and Todd will be joining us this evening,'' said Jacksonville head coach Jack Del Rio. "Pulled him off the tractor once again. He's a great guy and we think he's a good veteran player. He'll be able to come in and pick up and help us preform throughout the preseason and we'll see from there.''
Bouman is being retained by the Jaguars to help fill the void of losing David Garrard, who will miss Thursday’s preseason opener against New England with a back injury. 
Blaine Gabbert is expected to start for the Jaguars while Garrard is out, while Luke Mccown will get the second-string reps. 
Props to Jaguars 101 writer Michael Hall for coming up with the headline. 
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