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Game Thread: Jacksonville Jaguars Versus New England Patriots

August 11th, 2011 at 7:17 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Jaguars 101 will be posting quarterly updates and tidbits about the Jacksonville Jaguars' first preseason game this season against the New England Patriots

Update: Scobee is getting his workout tonight. He hits his third FG of the game…. 33-12 Patriots

First Quarter

  • Here we go. Rookie Blaine Gabbert is taking the field let's see what he does. With No Luke McCown or David Garrard, Gabbert will get a lot of reps. The coaching staff really wants to see what he can do and this could determine if the team wants him to start this season.
  • Good call to get Gabbert going on play action rollout. Gain of nine yards.
  • Gabbert completed his first two passes and looks real poised. Rashad Jennings is running well to compliment him. That's very encouraging considering that the Jaguars will rely on him a lot this year.
  • Gabbert gets sacked on NE's 26 yard line….drive stalls and Josh Scobee hits field goal to give the Jaguars 3-0 lead. 
  • David Jones forces fumble on kickoff, newly-acquired Dawan Landry recovers fumble for Jaguars.
  • Gabbert hits Mike Thomas right in the hands for what would have been a first down but he drops the pass.
  • Jaguars forced to kick another field goal, this time it's Sam Swank splitting the uprights. 6-0 Jaguars.
  • Defense forces three and out on its first series of the night. 
  • Jaguars announcers in love with Paul Posluszny. He's doing ok but not as a great as they're making him sound. He's struggling in coverage, appeared to have got tangled up twice now in zone defense.
  • Patriots march down the field and Stevan Ridley punches the ball in for a score. 7-6 Pats. 
  • First quarter over, 7-6 Pats with New England driving. 

First Quarter Recap:

The Jaguars moved the ball well on their first series and forced a turnover on the ensuing kickoff to take over for deep in New England territory but both drives stalled and the team had to settle for two field goals to take an early 6-0 lead. The Patriots then marched down the field thanks to New England tight end Aaron Hernandez breaking free from Paul Posluszny on a few passes. Stevan Ridley rumbled in for a short touchdown to give New England a 7-6 first quarter lead. A positive for the Jaguars early on was rookie QB Blaine Gabbert. He had his ups and downs but by and large, he looks like he belongs. 

Second Quarter

  • The Patriots again are moving the ball and look to have scored again but the touchdown toss is under review….the ruling stands and the Patriots take a 13-6 lead. 
  • Very patient return by RB Deji Karim. Great return, gets it New England's 18. 
  • Another drive stalled after good initial field position. The Jaguars are 1-for-6 on third down conversions so far. Scobee drills another field goal. 14-9 Pats. 
  • Pats settle on a field goal by Stephen Gostkowski to take a 16-9 lead. 
  • Gabbert keeps stepping up and making big passes on third down this series. The rookie is really looking great. 
  • Tiquan Underwood misjudges another pass, not a good look for someone trying to make the roster. 
  • Gabbert nearly throws pick and the Jaguars have to punt the ball away.
  • Jaguars are still having trouble defending the pass inside. That was a problem last year and is still shaky. Brian Hoyer looks real good though, nice backup for the Patriots if Tom Brady does go down.
  • Gostkowski with another field goal to end the half, they lead 19-9 Patriots.
  • Jack Del Rio tried awfully hard not to smile when Gabbert's name was brought up during half time interview. Or is that me projecting? 

Second Quarter Recap

New season, new faces, same problems for the Jaguars. The team has had trouble rushing the passer (although the Jaguars are using their backup ends), the linebackers are struggling in pass coverage, the offensive line can't pass block and the receivers have been erratic. The good news is that Gabbert has been sharp. 


Third Quarter

  • Arkansas rook Ryan Mallett is in for the Patriots…hits Taylor Price for a 50-yard pass up the sideline. 
  • Methodical drive for the Patriots. Ridley is a nice little back for the Patriots. The rookie from LSU gets another goal line rushing score and the Patriots convert their XP this time, 26-9 now for New England. 
  • Todd Bouman sighting! 
  • Bouman can't get it done, Jaguars will have to punt. 
  • 17-yard receiving score for Ridley. That's his third TD of the game….33-9 Patriots. 
  • Another LSU rookie RB is stepping up. Richard Murphy has had a few nice runs for the Jaguars. He's getting some holes to run through but is finishing his runs too. 
  • Nice catch and run by rookie Jamar Newsome. Got off press and then found opening. Go Knights. 
  • Scobee is getting his workout tonight. He hits his third FG of the game…. 33-12 Patriots. 

Fourth Quarter

This one looks like it's winding down, time to start working on the game recap. We'll also have a "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" story about the game as well. 

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