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Game Day Live: Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. Atlanta Falcons

August 19th, 2011 at 8:05 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Well it's 8:00 and that means it's time for kickoff. The Jacksonville Jaguars are hosting the Atlanta Falcons, a few days after the teams scrimmaged earlier this week.

There are some interesting storylines to follow. I think watching how David Garrard does is the most noteworthy aspect of tonight's game. I'm also interested in seeing rookie receiver Cecil Shorts does, as well as free agent acquisition Matt Roth.

Quick Update: Jaguars win 15-13. 

1st Quarter

  • Easy decision made for Deji Karim, as he doesn't take the ball out from deep in the end zone…
  • Garrard is lucky that his second pass of the game doesn't get picked. Great play call by Dirk Koetter to go for it though on 2nd and short.
  • Eugene Monroe gets beat and is lucky to not get a penalty, got his hands away just in time…good delivery by Garrard to find Mike Thomas for a first down.
  • Ah, David Garrard doing what he does best, throwing unnecessary interceptions. 
  • An awful lot of teal in the stands…and its not jerseys.
  • Pass rush is a little more existent with Terrance Knighton back. He's pushing the pile and Jeremy Mincey got some pressure off the edge too. 
  • Matt Bryan hits field goal to give Atlanta a 3-0 lead. 
  • Rookie mistake, Shorts fumbles reverse and Atlanta gets the ball back.
  • Good job by Garrard feeling pressure and hitting Cecil shorts for another third and long conversion.
  • Karim is running tentatively, looking more like a special teams stud than a potential go-to back.
  • Garrard gets taken down, not sure if he held it too long, looks like he did…although Guy Whimper needs to hold down his side of the line.
  • Karim picks up 26 on a screen pass….Whimper did get beat on that play though. 

2nd Quarter

  • We start off the second quarter with Garrard missing Marcedes Lewis on what would have created a first and goal for Jacksonville.
  • Instead though the Jaguars settle on a field goal by Josh Scobee to tie the game 3-3. 
  • Jacksonville's front four is really doing a nice job getting to Matt Ryan. They may not be getting a hold of him, but they are making things uncomfortable for him. Mincey was harassing him once again. 
  • Here comes Blaine Gabbert…and he one-hops the pass to an open Mike Thomas. 
  • Gabbert throws up a nice pass to rookie running back Richard Murphy but he can't bring it in. Heck of a throw on a fade pattern.
  • Matt Turk playing his redemption song, places a punt inside Atlanta's 5-yard line. 
  • What a difference its makes for a defense when its best player dresses out. Knighton is making everyone else's lives easier.
  • Harry Douglas scores on a 76-yard touchdown reception. He just blew past Drew Coleman on a crossing pattern on 3rd and 5, that kid has wheels. 10-3 Atlanta. Not getting off the field on third down killed the Jaguars on this drive. They have to stop teams on obvious passing downs. 
  • Karim apparently took knock on the head and won't return, according to 
  • Gabbert hits Jarred Dillard for an 11-yard gain on 3rd and 10…stays patient in the pocket and delivers a perfect pass over the middle. 
  • Gabbbert holds on to it too long and is sacked on 3rd and five…Jacksonville will have to punt.
  • Halftime…

3rd Quarter

  • Atlanta marching to start the half. Big drop off from that first string defensive line to the second.
  • Jacksonville holds off Atlanta and forces a field goal…Falcons go up 13-3. 
  • Great job by Dontrelle Inman by hauling in a pass over the middle, taking a hit and hanging on to the ball. 
  • Tiquan Underwood not making a tough catch? No way Jose. 
  • Josh Scobee knocks down another field goal, this one from 54-yards out. 13-6, Atlanta. 
  • Jamar Newsome recovers a fumble on the ensuing kickoff. Good hustle by the rookie receiver. First down Jaguars deep in Atlanta territory. 
  • A screen pass is batted down, this is third time that has happened to Gabbert.
  • Looks like Jaguars will have to settle on another field…an another make. Scobee cuts the lead to 13-9.
  • Atlanta's Bear Woods scares me…
  • Blaine Gabbert scrambles for a first down. Kid has some wheels. 
  • Gabbert finds Newsome for a first down over the middle. 
  • Near pick there for Gabbert. He misfired on the slant.
  • He's sacked by Peria Jerry on third down. You can still easily see that he doesn't always do great picking up pressure. 

4th Quarter

  • Another good punt to place Atlanta far back by their own goal line. 
  • Jamar Newsome and Cecil Shorts are making some nice snags for the Jags right now. Luke McCown looks sharp with the third-team.
  • Underwood makes a good catch and absorbs contact to pick up a first down.
  • McCown finds an open Armon Binns for the team's first touchdown of the preseason. the Jaguars lead 15-13. 
  • Two-point conversion failed.
  • Jaguars force a Atlanta punt and will have the ball with 3:38 seconds left in the game.
  • Game over. Jaguars win 15-13. 
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