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Top Five Storylines Going into the Jacksonville Jaguars Home Preseason Opener Vs. the Atlanta Falcons

August 19th, 2011 at 12:15 AM
By Michael Hall

I'm finally back! After spending the past week or so dealing with a bunch of school work, I'm finally able to write articles again (Well, at least until I go on vacation tomorrow). The Jacksonville Jaguars will have a bunch of questions to answer during tomorrow's game. Well, enough about all of that, let's get this article started.

5. Will Matt Ryan have a lot of time in the pocket or will pass rush come alive?

The Jaguars could not get a consistent four-man rush against the Patriots. However, with Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton finally back in the lineup, he can eat up (pun intended) an extra blocker on the line and allow the defensive ends to get one-on-one matchups. If the Jaguars can manage to get a more consistent four-man rush, it will pay dividends during this upcoming season. 

4. How well will the wide receivers play?

As a bit of a poor showing against the Patriots, the Jaguars wide receiving corps will probably try their utmost to make up for it. This is especially true for Tiquan Underwood, who is fighting for his football life. Jaguar fans will probably get their first look at Cecil Shorts and Armon Binns, who have been among the most impressive receivers in camp.

3. How will the offensive line hold up?

The Patriots second team defensive line ate the first team o-line's lunch, especially Guy Whimper. There must be improvement, or Blaine Gabbert might have to take over the reins early. John Abraham should not be laying a hand on David Garrard's blind side, nor should the interior linemen be pushed back.

2. How will both QBs play?

There's a bit of a QB controversy in the air. An unpopular veteran QB and a promising young rookie (Who is a hit with the ladies, I might add), why wouldn't this be a huge story? 

1. How will the Jaguars fanbase respond?

There is a bit fewer than 13,000 season tickets left for the Jaguars to sell in order to avoid blackouts for the year. With last week's poor showing, how many fans will pack the stadium, and how crazy will the crowd be?  That question can only be answered on Friday. As the first of four nationally televised games, this will be the first look that the rest of the world will get of the city and if the crowd looks anemic those snide "Jags-to-L.A.." remarks will rear their ugly heads again. I'm not trying to scare people into buying tickets (Although I technically am), but the people of Jacksonville do decide their own fate in this case. 


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