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Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. Buffalo Bills Game Thread

August 27th, 2011 at 7:03 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

We're about at kick off time here for the Jacksonville Jaguars at the Buffalo Bills.

Expect lot's of playing time for the starters. This is where preseason games start heating up.

Of note, rookie safety Chris Prosinski will get his first action of the season for the Jaguars.

Now let's get this live game thread going…

Update: Touchdown Buffalo. Bruce Halls scores on a five-yard run. 32-24 Jacksonville. 

First Quarter

  • It looks like defensive tackle Tyson Alualu is being held out of tonight's game. 
  • David Garrard hits Mike Thomas for a first down. This is when Garrard is at his best, hitting slant patterns. 
  • Another pass to Thomas, good to see him getting involved early. That'll give the Jaguars a 2nd and 12 after a holding penalty.
  • Jacksonville will have to punt…Buffalo muffs it and Kevin Rutland lands on it. Well never mind, illegal mind down field penalty negates the recovery for Jacksonville. 
  • Rashean Mathis is getting picked on early. He's been close on a couple of passes but is just a step off and has allowed two completions. 
  • I really like Ryan Fitzpatrick. Sharp looking quarterback did a real lot last year without much talent around him. 
  • Paul Posluszny getting burnt on a passing play? No way…it was a perfect pass by Fitzpatrick but Poz still got beat no matter how you slice it. It's starting to become a pattern. 
  • There we go Poz, doing what he does best, stopping the run. At least he does that well. That will force Buffalo to kick a FG, which they make. 3-0 Bills. 
  • Three and out for the Jaguars. Pass blocking was good that series, Garrard just didn't get it done and the receivers didn't seem to get open. 
  • This is really do or die time for Garrard. If him and Blaine Gabbert are putting up similar numbers, the Jaguars might as well go with the rookie. 
  • Leger Douzable has held up well early on. Looking like a real good backup DT. 
  • End of the first quarter, 3-0 Buffalo.

Second Quarter

  • Jaguars have 13 total yards in the first quarter. Fitzpatrick on the other hand was 5-of-5 for 56 yards.
  • Seriously, Fitzpatrick is putting on a clinic. 
  • 8-of-8 now for Fitzpatrick. He's just putting it in the right place over and over. 
  • Touchdown Buffalo. Fitzpatrick finds Marcus Easley for an 11-yard score. 10-0 Buffalo. 
  • Bills have out gained Jacksonville 156 to 23 and have 10 first downs to one for the Jaguars.
  • Good pass by Garrard on the fly pattern, Jason Hill needs to come down with that. 
  • Garrard gets sacked. 
  • Mathis gets burned and Fitzpatrick finds a wide open Stevie Johnson. Touchdown Buffalo.
  • Jaguars finally get a first down on a Montell Owens run on 3rd and 3. 
  • Garrard had Lewis down the seam but put it behind him. Do or die time David. 
  • Shorts drops a screen pass
  • Lewis gets open and Garrard finds him, first down Jaguars.
  • Jaguars bailed out on a pass interference call. Kind of questionable, lucky break for Jags.
  • Wow, great run by Garrard. Don't know if he broke things down right but he made something out of nothing for a touchdown scamper. 
  • Dawan Landry with a nice breakup. Good to see the FA signing making a play. 
  • Brad Smith throws an incomplete pass out of the Wild Cat. Bills will punt. What can Garrard do in the two-minute drill?
  • Garrard looking good so far, he's doing a nice job finding open receivers. 
  • Lewis drops it but that's probably better that he did that one. That's three drops on the evening though for the Jaguars. 
  • Josh Scobee hits a field goal. 17-10 Buffalo, that's not bad after the Jaguars were sucking wind early. 
  • Halftime.
  • Garrard halftime stats: 8-of-17 for 87 yards. Figure that there were three dropped passes that hurt them there…but he also benefited from soft coverage over the middle during the two-minute drill. 
  • Looks like Rashad Jennings might miss the rest of the game with a knee sprain. That's two games, to early exits for the backup RB. 

Third Quarter

  • Jaguars stop Tyler Thigpen from scrambling for a punt. Bills will have to punt. 
  • Garrard will stick in. Mostly starters still in there. 
  • Good pattern by Thomas and Garrard hits him. 
  • 4th and three and Garrard over throws Hill, but it looks like another pass interference call. Jaguars bailed out again. 
  • Garrard finds Thomas again for a first and goal. 
  • Brock Bolen rumbles ahead for a two-yard score. The game is now tied 17-17.
  • Jaguars backups come in the game. Let's see what Prosinski can do. 
  • Bills can't execute and will have to punt. Appears that Blaine Gabbert will be coming in. 
  • Here's Gabbert..and down he goes.
  • Catchable ball there thrown to Armon Binns but he can't bring it in.
  • Four drops tonight for the Jaguars.
  • Interception returned for a touchdown by linebacker Jacob Cutrera. No idea who Tyler Thigpen was throwing to there. Regardless, big play for the Jaguars, who take a 24-17 lead. That's a 24-0 run.
  • Gabbert is starting two get settled down, hits two passes in a row.

Fourth Quarter

  • Touchdown Jaguars… Gabbert hits rookie DuJaun Harris for an 11-yard score. 32-17 Jaguars after the team converts the 2-pt. conversion.
  • Jaguars force a punt and Gabbert will take over again.
  • Jamar Newsome can't hang on to a Gabbert throw. He tripped up right before the ball got there.
  • Big hole in Jacksonville's defense allows the Bills to pick up a first on third and long. 
  • Gabbert puts a little too much on a deep pass to an open Newsome. Newsome has some wheels too so that's not east to do. 
  • Interception, Gabbert scrambles and panics and throws the ball to a Buffalo defender.
  • Great play by linebacker Scott Lutrus to prevent a big gain. Sniffed out that screen play and did a nice job getting off a blocker. 
  • Buffalo throws a touchdown but the play is changed incomplete. Looks like the right call. 
  • Interception by Jalil Johnson in the end zone. Looks that might have saved this game from going into overtime. 
  • Maybe I spoke too soon. Harris fumbles the ball and it is ruled that the Bills recovered it. That might be overturned though. 
  • Surprising call there, Buffalo ball…overtime here we come.
  • Two-minute warning, Bills still down by eight. 
  • Larry Hart gets a little dinged up but walks off the field.
  • Buffalo bobbles the snap on a third and 1 QB sneak and appears to just pick it up. First and goal Buffalo.
  • That play is getting a pretty lengthy review. Can we hit fast forward? 
  • Barely a first down upon review, but a first down none the less.
  • Bills struggling to get the ball past the pylon. Three incompletions in a row bring up 4th and goal from the five-yard line.
  • Touchdown Bills, Thipgen completes a pass to some dude who has dropped like three passes today…and then Justin Jenkins gets the two-point conversion too. We're under review but looks like over time. 
  • OK Gabbert, cement your legacy here…no overtime equals one of the top moments in Jaguars history. 
  • Gabbert gets sacked and we're going into overtime…boooooo. 


  • Jaguars will get the ball to start in overtime. 
  • Gabbert throws for a first down to start overtime. 
  • Gabbert scrambles on third and gets it, although that was a generous spot. 
  • Harris records a 10-yard run to get the Jaguars in Scobee territory. 
  • Gabbert just misses Shorts for what would have been a TD. 
  • Scobee attempts a 52-yarder and misses his first field goal of the preseason. Great timing. 
  • Lutrus with another big play, he recovers a fumble…Jacksonville ball. Johnson, who had a pick earlier, forced the fumble. 
  • Another long review here. 
  • Ruled a catch but no fumble. Buffalo ball. 
  • 40-yard field goal attempt by Buffalo…it's up and it's good. Bills win 35-32. 
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