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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Jacksonville Jaguars/Buffalo Bills Preseason Game

August 27th, 2011 at 11:46 PM
By Michael Hall

It was a tale of two halves as the Jacksonville Jaguars lost to the Buffalo Bills 35-32 in overtime. It's time to start the music and get this crazy article started.

The Good

Matt Turk: His punts seemed to be flying pretty far today. Even his bad punt had a good bounce to net 44 yards.

The second half (at least for the most part): After being swamped 17-0 in the second quarter, the Jaguars responded with 32 unanswered points. This was especially satisfying since the first team offense scored their first touchdowns. 

Terrance Knighton : Was disruptive, to the point that the offensive lineman that was blocking him, held him multiple times, even though a few of them weren't called. (More on that later) 

Eugene Monroe: Followed up his subpar play over the preseason with a strong performance.  Played like a bully, leaving the defender on the ground on some plays

David Garrard's TD run: Terrifying, yet simultaneously awe-inspiring and it helped to spark the offense on a 32-0 run. 


The Bad

Dropsies (On both teams): Perhaps Stickem can make a comeback.

Overtime: In the preseason, really? Someone tell Chan Gailey to not go for a tie in the 4th quarter….

The secondary play: Everyone got picked on, including free agent pickup Dawan Landry. However, that has something to do with the next thing that I must mention…

The pass rush: It was nonexistent outside of Terrance Knighton and that didn't happen very often. Keep in mind that Tyson Alualu, Jeremy Mincey, and Aaron Kampman were not in the lineup, but  the Jaguars still have not had a sack in the preseason.

Josh Scobee's miss: It's minor negative, but it still could've given the Jags a victory. However, I still believe in Scobee Bryant.


The Ugly

The Referees:  Yellow flags were flying on every other play and other calls were completely blown for both sides. They kind of reminded me of this guy. And I'm not even going to go into the botched explanation of the overtime rules.

Most of the first half: It was a nightmare of a period to watch. The offense couldn't move the ball at all, there was no pressure on Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Fitzpatrick was slicing the defense apart like a dissected lab rat (Fitting since Fitz is a Harvard graduate). If Alualu, Mincey, and Kampman are out, I fear for the defense.

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