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Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. St. Louis Rams Game Thread- St. Louis Wins 24-17.

September 1st, 2011 at 7:32 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Thanks for taking the time to check out Jaguars 101's game log of the Jacksonville Jaguars versus the St. Louis Rams

We'll be commenting on the game's action throughout the entire contest and will also be active on Twitter and Facebook so please check us out there.

And without further delay, let's get the game log running.

UPDATE: No Hail Marry luck for the Jaguars and that'll do it. St. Louis wins 24-17.

First Quarter

  • We're about to begin. As a side note, the Jaguars have won their past five preseason finales. 
  • UDFA wide receiver Jamar Newsome getting an opportunity to return the opening kickoff. He looked good too until he fumbeled the ball. The Jaguars and Newsome are fortunate to get ball back. 
  • Maurice Jones-Drew has gotten a few carries early on here. He doesn't look too rusty. 
  • Eugene Monroe gives up a sack on a three-step drop after getting beat on a club move. That's a no-no for the left tackle. 
  • David Garrard is sacked again. The Rams came with a blitz but Will Rackley wasn't able to carry out his assignment. 
  • Rams ball. Here comes Sam Bradford. 
  • Jaguars almost get their first sack of the preseason. Jeremy Mincey came hard off Bradford's blindside and applied some serious pressure, forcing Bradford to scramble for just a one-yard gain. 
  • Bradford hits Steven Jackson on third and long on a middle screen to pick up the first down. 
  • Jaguars do a good job on the next set of downs and force the Rams to punt.
  • Jacksonville is backed up to their own 11. 
  • Maurice Jones-Drew picks up around 11 yards for a first down and then Garrard hits Mike Thomas on a 12-yard pass. The Jaguars are moving it a little bit. 
  • Jaguars will have to punt after Garrard gets clobbered on a third down attempt. His line is killing him. 
  • Garrard is done tonight. His stat line: 1-of-5 passing for 11 yards. 
  • Sam Bradford finds his rookie tight end Lance Kendricks for a 44-yard touchdown pass. Courtney Green bit on a play action pass on third and one and Kendricks was wide open. 7-0 Rams
  • Deji Karim picks up 27 yards on an inside run. Shaking and baking all along the way there, great run and first down for the Jaguars. 
  • Luke McCown is in for the Jaguars by the way. 
  • Great pass by McCown, he puts the ball low and away for Jason Hill on a streak pass but he can't bring it in. Looks like a pass interference should have been called there. Rams will get the ball back.
  • Lance Kendricks again gets open. Clint Session was a bit behind him and Sam Bradford found him for a 14-yard gain to give the Rams a first down on 3rd and 3. 
  • Rams are moving the ball heading into the second quarter.

Second Quarter

  • A.J. Feeley replaces Bradford. 
  • Austen Lane gets good pressure on Feeley and Terrance Wheatley is on the receiving side on an errant pass. He picks it off  and returns if 35 yards. Jacksonville ball. 
  • OK Mel Tucker, time to make some adjustments. That's four screen passes for significant gains this half. 
  • The Jaguars hold off the Rams thanks to a timely St. Louis drop on third down. 
  • Karim is looking real good. The Jaguars have to feel real comfortable having him as their third RB. 
  • Rookie running back Richard Murphy heads to the sideline with a shoulder injury. 
  • Bad no call by the refs. Cecil Shorts gets held by Justin King in what would have been a big first down for the Jaguars.
  • McCown gets hot after that and completes three passes in a row, his last one going back to Shorts for a 17-yard touchdown toss. That ties the game at 7-7
  • McCown goes 3-of-3 for 48 yards and a score after the botched pass interference call.
  • Rams have the ball now with a little less than three minutes in the half. 
  • Jaguars' pass-rush is still irrelevant more or less. Very little push. 
  • Jaguars hold strong and force a punt. Will take over inside their own 10 with a minute left in the first half. 
  • Halftime.

Halftime Reaction

The Jaguars' inept first-string offense has to be a concern at this point. The offensive line struggles against the pass rush, Mike Thomas is the only guy who can run a good pattern and David Garrard looks flat-footed. 

One positive is Maurice Jones-Drew, who had a nice 14-yard run. Good to see him back.

Defensively, you have to like how the front seven is holding up against the run. The secondary is still up and down though. It seems like the unit is being over aggressive and has gotten burnt on screen plays and play-action passes. 

The big story line of the evening is Luke McCown. He was promoted to second-string quarterback this week and moved the Jaguars down the field after he settled down. He went 3-of-3 for 48 yards at one point, putting an exclamation mark to the mini streak with a 17-yard touchdown pass. 

Third Quarter

  • Another near sack for Lane but he can't bring Thaddeus Lewis down, but Nate Collins can as he logs the team's first sack of the preseason. 
  • Jaguars appeared to have the Rams done with a three and out but Lane negates his previous play with a dumb roughing the passer penalty. now the Rams are driving and are in Jacksonville territory. 
  • Lewis finds an open receiver for a 13-yard gain on third down. Jacksonville has to get off of the field in that situation. 
  • Keith Toston runs for a two-yard score to give the Rams a 14-7 lead halfway through the third quarter.
  • Jamer Newsome with a decent return, takes the ball out to the 31 yard-line. 
  • Blaine Gabbert sighting. He hits Jamar Newsome for a 23-yard gain.
  • Jaguars will settle on a 48-yard field goal. It's up and it's good. Josh Scobee nails it to make the score 14-10
  • St. Louis takes over again but Jaguars force a three-and-out.
  • Lane is having a nice game for the Jaguars, aside from his dumb penalty in the third quarter. He should provide good depth this year. 

Fourth Quarter

  • Matt Estrada levels Lewis and shakes him up. Estrada could be a special teams stud. 
  • Nate Collins makes a tackle in the back field. He ran down Lewis from behind the previous play. Impressive performance for the big DT.
  • Another roughing the passer call keeps the Jaguars on the field following a third-down stop. 
  • Lewis throws a nice 43-yard pass over Rod Issac. That gives the Rams first and goal from the one.
  • Chase Reynolds punches the ball in for a one-yard score. 21-10 St. Louis with 11 minutes left. 
  • Gabbert finds Dontrelle Inman for a first down but then drops the next pass. 
  • Gabbert hits Jamar Newsome for a 31-yard pass. DuJaun Harris then takes a dump off pass 17 yards to get the Jags into a first and goal situation. 
  • Harris finishes off the drive with a one-yard touchdown run to make the score 21-17. 
  • Rams pick up another third and long. They're starting to chew the clock, looks like this one is winding down with a little more than two minutes remaining. 
  • Josh Brown hits  a 35-yard field goal to give St. Louis a 24-17 lead with 1:26 left.
  • Gabbert showing some rookie thinking during the two-minute drill. Still has some room to grow, he got a little flustered there. 
  • No Hail Marry luck for the Jaguars and that'll do it. St. Louis wins 24-17.
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