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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Jacksonville Jaguars

September 2nd, 2011 at 3:09 PM
By Michael Hall

This was a surprisingly positive Good, Bad, and Ugly even through the Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the St. Louis Rams 24-17. Time to play the music.

The Good

Nate Collins- Applied constant pressure, which resulted in the first and only two sacks of the Jaguars presason. He has definitely played his way onto the roster.

Maurice Jones-Drew- What knee? He looked like his normal self. Which is good news since my fantasy draft is tonight.

Deji Karim- Deji looked good. Defensive units better hope that he doesn't get to the second level because he juked a linebacker so badly he looked like he needed ankle surgery.

Jeremy Mincey- Was constantly beating his man and had a couple of chances to sack Bradford. He is going to be a serious force this season.

Austen Lane- Couldn't get his first sack, but he was a constant presence in the backfield, racking up seven tackles. His pressure also caused A.J. Feeley's errant throw to CB Terrence Wheatley.

Jamar Newsome- With three WRs vying for one spot, Newsome, an UDFA from UCF, did everything he could to secure a roster spot. He made some plays on kickoff returns, he made a few critical catches and he was the leading receiver catching 4 passes for 83 yards.

The Bad

Pass defense, especially against screens- Every time we ran a type of corner or safety blitz, the Rams would call a screen that would go for big yardage. I hope that it is cleaned up by the time the season starts.

The refs- About three or four missed PI calls. What do they have to do to get a flag? Clotheslining?

Dontrelle Inman- Earlier, we talked about Jamar Newsome stepping up when his job was on the line,  Inman did exactly what you were not supposed to do. He had numerous chances to catch the ball for big plays and he simply dropped them.

Boneheaded penalties- Everyone can tell that Aaron Morgan and Austen Lane are both trying to show that they can be the future defensive ends of this team, but they made some boneheaded hits on the QB that extended the drives. 

The Ugly

Garrard's Offensive Line- David Garrard was eating dirt in both of his drives. Guy Whimper got dominated, Will Rackley got a bloody nose (not literally), and Eugene Monroe got bested on a couple of plays. There were at least four good whacks on Garrard that had him peeling himself off of the ground. That needs to improve if we want Garrard to last through at least half of the season.

CBS- This one is kinda funny and minor, CBS 47 isn't exactly NFLN and ESPN quality, but "Blake Gabbert"?  I don't believe that Paul Posluszny is 6-11, either. 


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