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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Tennessee Titans Game Preview: Five Keys to Victory

September 9th, 2011 at 8:18 PM
By Michael Hall

Football is back and since I'm sure that everyone wants to see the Jacksonville Jaguars win an emotional season opener against the Tennessee Titans on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, the Jags are going to need to make sure that they do these five things:   

5. Keep Luke McCown off of his backside

The offensive line was suspect throughout the preseason, they cannot afford to start off slowly when there is an even tougher opponent next week. Both Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton need to step up, big time.

4. Run the Ball

The first part of the Jaguar motto. Give the ball to your best player in Maurice Jones-Drew and let him work his magic. Controlling the clock also factors into the next key to victory. 

3. Stop The Run

The second part of the Jaguar motto. Make the Titans one-dimensional on offense by stuffing Chris Johnson so that they will take THEIR best player out of the game. Plus, making Matt Hasselbeck throw the ball makes him more likely for the Jaguars defensive line to get some sacks.

2. Rush the passer

Giving Matt Hasselbeck time to throw the ball is a recipe for disaster (see Jags v. Seahawks, 2009), Jeremy Mincey has his chance to show that he is the real deal and Aaron Kampman can show everyone that his knees are fine. While we're at it, I hope to see Austen Lane actually bring the pain to the defensive backfield as well.

1. Minimize the Mistakes

This game is very winnable, the only thing that can keep the Jaguars from winning are the Jaguars themselves. Dropped passes, turnovers, boneheaded penalties, whiffing on blocks, etc would make a long and unsatisfying experience for Jaguar fans that are already conflicted with buying tickets.  Do NOT let that happen.


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