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Peyton Manning’s Neck Injury Makes the AFC South Title Fair Game, Especially for the Jacksonville Jaguars

September 9th, 2011 at 6:43 PM
By Michael Hall

The king is finally away from his throne. Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning, a picture of consistency since the inception of the AFC South in 2002, is being hampered by complications of a neck surgery in May. As of now, Peyton Manning holds the current record for consecutive games started, but when Sunday comes around, the streak will end.  Manning has been officially ruled out of Sunday's game against the Texans and with how much Manning means to the Colts team as a whole, the team will probably not be the powerhouse that it usually is. What does that mean for the Jacksonville Jaguars? It means that with the stars finally starting to align, it is truly GO Time if the Jaguars want to finally win the division and save Jack Del Rio's job.

With Peyton being out for a significant part of this football season, the Jaguars will have an easier road to the playoffs than previously thought. Even with Luke McCown starting at QB, I don't think there will be a huge dropoff from his predecessor. Therefore, with all of the defensive positions on the Jaguars defense being fortified, I think the Jaguars could take the next step and make it to the playoffs. Let us remember that the Jaguars were only Colts win away from the playoffs. However, in this increasingly pass-centric league, the success of this team rests upon the shoulders of Luke McCown and/or Blaine Gabbert. Which one will step up and lead this team to success? We can only patiently wait until Sunday to find out. 



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