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Season Preview: Five Jacksonville Jaguars That Will Surprise You During the Regular Season

September 9th, 2011 at 10:57 PM
By Michael Hall

Every year, there is the guy that nobody sees coming. On offense, they are the guys that you never see picked in fantasy leagues and by the time they emerge, they're gone, free to put up massive points against your fantasy team. Yeah, it's a bit late, but you might want keep some of these Jacksonville Jaguars names in your head.

5. Austen Lane  

Austen Lane had a very strong training camp, but his preseason was largely disappointing. However, with the return of the Polynesian Penetration Powerhouse, Tyson Alualu in the middle, the QB will be driven out of the pocket. Where does the QB usually run? To the right side, where Austen Lane is. From his preseason, Austen Lane is not the type of guy to be a speed rusher. Instead, he holds the point of attack and uses bullrushing and rip moves in order to get past offensive linemen or, say, contain a scrambling QB. He could get 4-5 sacks this year.  

4. Rashean Mathis/Derek Cox

I know that many people are down on the corners, but I think that they will both look a lot better. They flashed brilliance against the Atlanta Falcons, shutting down Roddy White and Julio Jones. Their performance is dependent on the pass rush and with ascending players like DE Jeremy Mincey and the previously mentioned DT Tyson Alualu., I think that both Cox and Mathis could be in for a breakout year.  

3. Jason Hill

The Jaguars brought Hill in from the waiver wire after a disappointing stint in San Francisco. However, once he got down to Jacksonville, he emerged as a deep threat for Jaguars offense. Hill had a decent has had a decent preseason, but he wasn't able to catch any deep balls. I expect him to put up decent numbers as someone who can put up good, not stellar numbers.  His deep speed will also open up running space for the quicker receivers such as Mike Thomas and Cecil Shorts.  

2. Deji Karim

Deji is the beneficiary of Rashad Jennings being put on IR. He has the same build as Maurice Jones-Drew and just about as explosive. He has been the most effective running back during the preseason and I expect that success to continue into the regular season. His explosive kickoff return ability is a definite fantasy football positive as well.  

1. Cecil Shorts

This rookie WR out of Mt. Union  seems to able to play ball and it has been apparent since the start of training camp. If you look at many of his catches through the preseason, he has been able to get separation from the defensive backs and his hands aren't half bad either. I think that he will break Mike Thomas' record for rookie catches this year. As a matter of fact, I think it s a lock, so if nobody has picked him up, pick him up now. He also adds some value as a punt returner.


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