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Live Game Log: Jacksonville Jaguars V. Tennessee Titans – Final – Jacksonville 16, Tennessee 14

September 11th, 2011 at 1:26 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Hello Jacksonville Jaguars fans and just football fans in general.

Welcome to Jaguars 101, we're happy to have you and are ecstatic that football season is finally under way. Sorry for the delay in posting our game log but I am in Orlando and was expecting the Jaguars to be on TV here in Orlando, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are on instead, so I'll be updating things the old fashioned way, by listening to radio and analyzing stats.

Before we get to the live game log, here are some tidbits about this afternoon's matchup between the Jaguars and Tennessee Titans.

The big news is that Jacksonville's starting defensive end Aaron Kampman is out for the season opener, according to the Florida Times-Union. Kampman, who tore his ACL last season, was used sparingly this preseason to avoid injuries but his knee swelled up this past weekend.

Also worth noting, the game has been listed as a sell out.

Now for the game…

Update: On 3rd-and-goal the Titans will score on a pass to Kenny Britt from three-yards out. Picked on Mathis again. Jaguars lead 16-14 with 3:34 left in the game. 

First Half

  • The Jaguars draw first blood. Maurice Jones-Drew runs for a 21-yard score on an 11-play, 63-yard drive. 7-0 Jaguars.
  • CBS is not showing the game in Orlando. The must show Jacksonville away games but have choices in home matchups according to
  • Jacksonville forces Tennessee into a three and out. They'll have the ball on their own 44 after a Tennessee turnover.
  • Looks like there's no rust for Jones-Drew. He picks up an 11-yard gain and then a five-yarder. He's running awfully hard.
  • Luke McCown is sacked and Will Rackley his called for a holding penalty. 
  • Brad Meester gets called for a holding penalty on the very next plays. McCown throws an incompletion and the Jaguars punt the ball to the Titans. Tennessee will take over at the 20 after a touchback. 
  • Paul Posluszny is really stepping up today. He's made a few tackles near the line of scrimmage for the Jaguars and is keeping Chris Johnson in check. 
  • Matt Hasselbeck finds Jamie Harper for 21 yards on third down to keep the series alive. Titans are now facing 3rd-and-4. 
  • Drew Coleman comes off the edge and sacks Hassellbeck and forces a fumble. Titans recover. Coleman, a free agent addition, had four sacks last year, which was the highest amount of all NFL defensive backs in 2010.
  • Jaguars' defense steps up and forces a punt. Jacksonville will star their third drive on their own 20.
  • McCown hits Marcedes Lewis for a 20-yard gain. Good to see the Pro Bowl tight end getting involved. They're now at their own 45.
  • Jones-Drew runs for four yards. Then McCown finds open Jason Hill for an 18-yard  gain.
  • Lewis makes another catch, this one for nine yards. Really displaying good strength there to hold on to the ball and move forward for a few extra yards.
  • McCown is 5-of-6 for 60 yards.
  • Deji Karim picks up a yard for the first down on 3rd-and-1. 
  • McCown is sacked and loses the ball, but the Jaguars recover it. Josh Scobee is going to have a fairly long field goal here.
  • Scobee nails it. That's a 48-yard field goal with 5:50 left in the first half to give Jacksonville a 10-0 lead. 
  • Hasselbeck picks on Coleman there and hits Nate Washington for a 30-yard drive. Score on this drive is huge for the Titans. 
  • Coleman makes a big hit to break up a pass. He's definitely been involved in a lot of plays today.
  • Dawan Landry makes a tackle to stop Johnson and the Titans are forced them to punt. Jaguars take over the ball at their own seven yard line with 3:46 left in the second quarter. 
  • AFC South Update: Arian Fosterless Houston Texans are beating a Peyton Maningless Indianapolis Colts 24-0 in the first half.
  • Matt Turk is going to have to punt deep in his end zone. Bad punt and the Titans take over inside Jacksonville's 30.
  • A couple of penalties and a Chris Johnson running backwards for six yards forces the Titans to punt. Jaguars don't do much and must punt and the Titans take over.
  • Now Rob Bironas will attempt a 66-yard field goal before the half ends. Attempt is short.
  • Rashean Mathis fields the miss and is taken down by his fair. Someone needs a hair cut I guess.
  • Halftime. The Jaguars are leading 10-0.

Halftime Breakdown

  • The big performances of the half to me were from Jones-Drew, Coleman and Jeremy Mincey. 
  • Jones-Drew has rushed for 65 yards on  12 carries, including a 21-yard score. He did a lot of damage but has slowed down a bit. Let's see how his endurance is in the second half.
  • Coleman has been involved on a sack and a couple of big hits. Always good to see a free agent stepping up.
  • Mincey has really stepped up in the absence of Kampman. He's gotten pressure on Hasselbeck on numerous occasions. 
  • For Tennessee, their veteran quarterback is really struggling. Hasselbeck is 11-of-17 for 94 yards but a lot of that came off of a pass in which Coleman just didn't make the right read on the ball and allowed a 30-yard pass. Other than that, Hasselbeck has been ineffective. Chris Johnson (four carries for three yards) looks rusty as well.

Second Half

  • Jaguars will get the ball at their own 20 yard-line to start the half.
  • Hill is getting involved early in the half. Jaguars are picking on Devin McCourty and McCown delivers a 16-yard pass to Hill for a Jacksonville first down. 
  • Jones-Drew running with power as he plows ahead for seven yards. Jaguars are on their own 47.
  • Turnover on the snap from Meester to McCown. Titans recover at their own 44. Big turnover. 
  • Jacksonville holds strong and forces a Tennessee punt. Big stand for the Jaguars' defense, that unit has been nothing short of amazing today. 
  • Karim stepping up. He breaks a few tackles and gets a 12-yard gain for a first down off a slant pass. He's struggled so far but that was a timely pickup. 
  • Shaun Smith picks up a penalty for 15 yards for unnecessary roughness. Dumb move by Tennessee's defensive tackle.
  • Montell Owens gets three carries for 17 yards, nice change of pace there. Jones-Drew gets some rest and runs for nine yards on the next two carries. MJD is looking like his old self.
  • Sweep to Jones-Drew. He runs for six yards and takes the ball to Tennessee's five yard line. 
  • Jones-Drew again with a carry on first and goal. He gets to Tennesee's one-yard line. 
  • Barrett Ruud catches Jones-Drew and forces a third-and-goal. Will Rackley couldn't pick up the Tennessee linebacker. 
  • Jones-Drew can't get in on third down, he loses two yards.
  • Scobee will attempt a 21-yard field goal. It's good. Jaguars lead 13-0 with 2:33 left in the third quarter.
  • This is Del Rio ball at its best. The last drive was 61 yards and lasted for nearly eight minutes. They need to punch it in on first-and-goal from the five but Jack Del Rio has to like this ball-control offense. 
  • Tennessee strikes right back. Hasselbeck targets Kenny Britt as he avoids a sack and finds Britt for an 80-yard score. Busted play goes for a touchdown. Tennessee always seems to get these kind of breaks against the Jaguars in early-season games. 13-7 Jaguars.
  • Literally just figured out that the game is being played live on Very nice.
  • Mike Thomas with a big drop on second down. On 3rd -and-9 McCown rolls right and finds Hill coming across the middle for a first down. That will end the third quarter.
  • Dirk Koetter dials up a screen-pass and this pays off. Karim picks up 18 yards for a Jacksonville first down.
  • Karim now gains nine yards on first down. Jaguars looking at 2nd-and-1 from Tennessee's 25-yard line.
  • reporting that Marcedes Lewis is cramping. He has gone back to the lockerroom to get an IV. Not a good time to lose one of the game's top red-zone targets.
  • Michael Griffin sniffs out a screen pass to Mike Thomas and shuts it down. The Jaguars have not been able to step that play up today and will have to settle for a field goal.
  • Scobee makes another field goal, this one from 45 yards out to give Jacksonville a 16-7 lead with 12:22 left in the game.
  • Matt Roth gets to Johnson on 3rd and short. Big play by the free agent defensive end pick up. Tennessee will punt the ball.
  • Jags can't do much and must punt the ball with 9:31 left in the game. 
  • 65-yard punt for Turk, he puts it at Tennesee's five-yard line. He looks pretty happy with that one.
  • Mathis closes in on Chris Johnson on a curl pass and stops him short of the first down marker. Third down for the Titans….and Hasselbeck completes the pass for a first down.
  • Jeremy Mincey keeps pressuring Hasselbeck, who is heating up.
  • Holding penalty on Tennessee will back them up to Jacksonville's 42. 
  • Leger Douzable has had a heck of a game, deflects a Hasselbeck pass on second down. 
  • Mathis gets called for a pass interference call. He has called for encroachment two plays previously. That will give the Titans an automatic first down. He needs to get his head turned around on that play, not a veteran move.
  • Titans moving. They're looking at 1st-and-goal from Jacksonville's six-yard line. Four minutes or so left.
  • On 3rd-and-goal the Titans will score on a pass to Kenny Britt from three-yards out. Picked on Mathis again. 3:34 left in the game. This might be under review but looks like a score. 
  • Will the Titans go for an onside kick? I'd guess not with two time outs and the two-minute warning still to come. 
  • Facing 3rd-and-long, McCown finds Mike Thomas over the middle of the field for a 26-yard gain. Great body control to haul that one in, that might be a clincher for Jacksonville as the Titans call a timeout with 2:16 left.
  • Jaguars will face 3rd-and-5 coming off of the two-minute warning. 
  • Incomplete pass. Weird call there and bad clock management.
  • Big break for the Jaguars. Turk's punt rolls into Tennesse's five-yard line. They'll have to come up with a big drive here.
  • Hasselbeck scrambles for eight yards but time is ticking. Now he finds Washington for 10 yards, a minute left.
  • Mathis gives up all kinds of room to Britt on a slant pattern, he gets the ball to Tenn's 46.
  • Dwight Lowery, welcome to Jacksonville. The recently acquired safety comes up with a game-sealing interception. With 16 seconds left, all the Jaguars have to do is kill the clock. 
  • Jaguars win 16-14. 


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