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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Week 1: Tennessee Titans V. Jacksonville Jaguars

September 11th, 2011 at 10:57 PM
By Michael Hall

This will be a fairly positive Good, Bad, and Ugly as the Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Tennessee Titans 16-14.

The Good

The defense, namely the front seven, was a force to be reckoned with, holding Chris Johnson to only 24 yards and forcing Matt Hasselbeck into making many mistakes. If the defensive line could keep disrupting the backfield like that throughout the year, the fight for the AFC South title will be a lot less perilous. 

Maurice Jones-Drew was pretty effective today, even though he was held back for precautionary reasons,

Mike Thomas came up big on a critical third down by catching a pass in between two defenders. Plus, his 8 catches goes well in a PPR fantasy league.

The tackling was surprisingly sure. I can only think of two instances of bad tackling. One on the fluke TD and the other was on a 8 yard gain by chirs Johnson where he should've been dropped in the backfield.

Pretty much every free agent today came up with a big play. Drew Coleman was hitting people immediately, causing them to either drop the ball or go down without any extra yardage, Matt Roth started the game off with a sack, and the newly acquired Dwight Lowery made the game clinching interception, that's impact. 

Deji Karim did pretty well, but in terms of running between the tackles, the Jags need to leave that to Jones-Drew. Give him some space on a sweep or a screen and he will make magic happen. 

The Bad

Rashean Mathis was ripped apart on the last two drives and his two boneheaded penalties sure didn't help. However, all of the second half three and outs sure didn't help him either.

Most of Matt Turk's punts were pretty bad, but he redeemed himself with his last punt, which was downed inside of the five yard line, 

The bubble Screens to Mike Thomas were obvious and they were either snuffed out, thrown so low that the momentum would cause Thomas to fall down almost immediately. I know that they were trying to get Luke McCown comfortable, but at least mix it up with Shorts or someone else like that, but more on that later. 

The Ugly

The play-calling in the second half was atrocious. It started with that goal line drive, I understand pounding the rock, but not deciding to throw the ball once is pretty bad. After that it was run, run, pass for almost every drive afterwards with Deji Karim at the helm. Really? I know they are trying to rest Mojo, but if you're trying to eat up the clock and clinch the game by making first downs, you need to have your best player in the backfield. Don't even get me started on the fact that the run blocking phenom, Marcedes Lewis was out with cramps.  Just throw the ball. I don't mean the five or six bubble screens to Mike Thomas. I mean throw a deep pass to Jason Hill, Or have Mike Thomas run that post route like he did today.Just don't use your undersized and  recently-promoted third RB to try and pound it out. Running backs do not work that way!     


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