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Jacksonville Jaguars Wide Receiver Jason Hill Says New York Jets are Overrated

September 15th, 2011 at 10:36 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Jason Hill is giving the New York Jets some serious bulletin-board material. 
The problem is he may not even play to back it up at New York this Sunday. 
Hill said the Jets’ success the past few years has been overblown because they are in the country’s largest media market, according to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union.
“This is a league full of great players. I think sometimes they get overhyped,” Hill said. “I talked to Drew [Coleman], Drew played there. He says it's just the aura of New York…They got a big media. That's not the Jacksonville paper, that's the big New York Times paper so they get more pub. That's what it is."
Hill then turned his attention to Jets Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis.
"I think the whole New York is overhyped," Hill said. "Him personally, he's a good player, Pro Bowl player, I'm trying to make it to the Pro Bowl, too.
This'll be a good game to put some notches on our belts too. It's the New York Times vs. the Jacksonville paper. New York Times they got a lot more viewers than you got.
What makes all this trash talk interesting is the fact that Hill has missed the past two practices, according to Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country
He apparently has a hip injury.
This is one of those occasions where talking a little junk is ok…as long as it’s backed up. If Hill can’t go on Sunday, the Jaguars’ already thin wide receiving corps will be awfully depleted against  a very strong New York secondary.
And from a logical standpoint, the Jaguars will be relying heavily on Coleman at nickel back and safety Dwight Lowery this week. Both are former Jets and both were thought viewed as expendable by Rex Ryan and his staff. What does that tell you? 
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