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Jacksonville Jaguars V. New York Jets Week Two Preview: Five Keys to Victory

September 17th, 2011 at 6:51 PM
By Michael Hall

I'm sure that everyone wants the Jacksonville Jaguars to pull out a victory in Metlife Stadium against the New York Jets. In order to pull off the upset, the Jaguars will need to follow these keys to victory:

5. Control the ball

This is one is a no brainer. Keep the defensive line's legs fresh by keeping them on the bench with extended drives and no turnovers.

4. Keep Luke McCown off of his backside 

The Jets under Rex Ryan are a blitz-happy defense. The offensive line needs to make it a point to hold off the rush in order to allow Luke McCown to throw to his hot route.

3. The QB Must Go Down and He Must Go Down Hard!

It worked for the Cowboys, it should work for us. The Jets offensive line got pushed around last week to the point that Mark Sanchez was looking obviously groggy. Rattle him early and keep the pressure on. He is already teetering on the edge of a concussion,  and one good hit could leave the Jags facing their former QB, Mark Brunell.  

2. Use Mojo Early and Often

This ties into controlling the ball with extended drives. Give Maurice Jones-Drew a chance to make plays. Who knows, he might break off a few large gains and shift the momentum in the Jaguars' favor. It happened in the last meeting and it can happen this time. Nobody can ever know what will happen when the Jags have got their Mojo Workin'.

1. Throw the Ball and Utilize the Seams

As I mentioned in another article, the run alone won't win this game. Luke McCown has to throw the ball and make them pay for blitzing him. That also means taking advantage of a pass defense that clearly has trouble with defending tight ends. With Marcedes Lewis fighting off injury, Zach Miller will have to be called into service. Miller is an athletic freak, but he has had trouble with catching the ball during training camp. Another target to look at is Cecil Shorts.If Jason Hill doesn't play due to his hip injury, Shorts could be playing against Antonio Cromartie. Going from what I've heard and seen through training camp, he seems to have good hands and speed like Mike Thomas, but he has a good 4 inches of extra height. He could be the surprise player of the week.

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