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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Carolina Panthers Week 3 Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

September 24th, 2011 at 4:41 PM
By Michael Hall

Before you get your fantasy football roster in order, perhaps you should read these 5 Keys to Victory as the Jacksonville Jaguars go into Carolina to face the Panthers.

5. Make Steve Smith a Non-Factor

This is pretty simple: make someone other than Steve Smith beat us. Press him at the line of scrimmage , double him up, just don't let him get open. That goes for the pass rush as well, but that will be covered later.

4. Keep The Panthers Running Backs Out of the Game

The Panthers will be looking to add some variety into their offense with their two great running backs, D'Angelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Keep them tamed and force third and longs, it has worked for the past two weeks and it should work now.

3. Take Advantage of Injured Carolina Players

The Panthers have lost LBs Thomas Davis and Jon Beason for the year and DBs Chris Gamble and Charles Godfrey are questionable and doubtful, respectively. Throw deep and get Maurice Jones-Drew and Deji Karim to the outside so they can make somebody miss for a big gain. Heck, while we're at it, test Blaine's arm and throw for a couple of deep passes to keep the safeties honest.  

2. Make Cam Newton's Life Miserable

Keep the pressure on Newton, he's bound to make some mistakes eventually and with Matt Roth possibly being out with a neck injury, it is up to Jeremy Mincey and Austen Lane to step up and create some pressure and force Cam to try and do too much.  Blitz Daryl Smith or Drew Coleman every few plays to keep him looking. Tyson Alualu and Terrence Knighton need to have a big game as well because those patented deep throws will be difficult to do if he can't step into them.

1. Keep Blaine Gabbert Comfy

Most people would see the heading and think about pass protection, but it isn't just about that. While keeping your young QB's jersey free of green stains is important, one must not forget that he is trying to build chemistry with his teammates. Feed Mojo and Marcedes Lewis and throw in a screen every once in a while. As he keeps getting better and more confident, then start going for the throat with some deep throws down the sideline or hit Mike Thomas or the tight end on post routes. Give Jaguar fans a glimpse of the bright future for this football team.

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