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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Carolina Panthers Week 3 Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

September 25th, 2011 at 10:37 PM
By Michael Hall

It was a miserable end to a muddy, murky game as the Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the Carolina Panthers 10-16. Time to play the music as I come out with guns blazing. For those that are faint of heart, avoid the Ugly section.

The Good

The Defense had a very good game. They held Cam Newton to a mere 158 yards passing. Steve Smith disappeared through most of the game.  The only downside is  that the Jaguars could have sacked Newton about 2 or 3 times had he not gotten the ball out. Not to mention the fact that the defense could have had 4 interceptions as well. The only weakness of the Jaguars' defense is the Jaguars' offense, but more on that later…

The two shortest players on the team both had big games. Maurice Jones-Drew had 167 total yards from scrimmage, 122 of which was on the ground. It's too bad they ran him into the teeth of 8-9 man fronts, but more on that later.  Mike Thomas made a couple of big catches, including a clutch touchdown at the end of the first half. If only Gabbert had the opportunity to utilize him more often…


The Bad

The fumbled snaps.were all too common and annoying, but considering it was monsoon season out there and it was Blaine Gabbert's first game, I'll forgive it. But I expect it to be worked on during practice this week.

Speaking of drops, Matt Turk's drop was embarrassing and the man just can't seem to drop punts inside the 20. If this keeps up, Turk might be the first person visiting the Turk once this season is over.

The clock management fiasco at the end of regulation was sad as well. How did you guys not notice that the clock was still running?

The Ugly

The playcalling makes its' second appearance in the ugly section of the season. A rule of thumb is if you are on the list more than twice before the bye week, you're going to be gone at the end of the season. This game's result is on you, Dirk Koetter.  Don't give me the "Gabbert is a rookie in his first start"  junk and do not give me the "controlling the clock" argument. The Jaguars were leading at hallftime by 5 points and they had the ball coming out of the locker room. If they scored, they could have won. You do not, I repeat , DO NOT run the ball 9 straight times. I don't care who your best player is. Take off the handcuffs and give Gabbert a chance to throw the ball. It didn't need to be a deep pass, perhaps a few short throws. ANYTHING is better than running the trap on 3RD AND 8 . And then we went on to run the ball 22 times and only pass 3 times, two of which were screens and you didn't manage to score ONCE in the second half! This isn't the 1930's, this is the 2000's, passing is essential. Mix it up! If the opponent has 9 men in the box playing the run, throw a pass. Mojo had a big game, draw in the LBs with a play action. SOMETHING other than just pounding it up the middle!!!! Here's another bit of food for thoughr, try calling a couple of plays that will utilize your PRO BOWL tight end in Marcedes Lewis, who is six feet, six inches tall!!!! Are you taking notes? I've even emboldened and underlined them for you!

Normally, I'm fine with Koetter, but I have seen enough of this. Koetter needs to be fired , which also means that it is curtains for Jack Del Rio. Koetter, if you value your job and your future coaching prospects, you better call a good game next week against the Saints, or you're not even going to get a consideration as an interim head coach. At least Mel Tucker seems to have gotten with the program. It's time for the other guys to step up or else it will really be GO Time!!!

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