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New Orleans Saints V. Jacksonville Jaguars Week 4 Preview: Top 5 Keys to Victory

October 1st, 2011 at 6:45 PM
By Michael Hall

These are Five Keys to Victory for the Jacksonville Jaguars to beat the New Orleans Saints on Sunday and make no mistake Jaguars fans, this is a must-win situation.

5. Be Aggressive in All Areas of the Game

Be aggressive in pass rush, be aggressive in playcalling , and be aggressive in coverage. After all, you have nothing to lose except for your ticket-buying fanbase  Bring back the excitement by making this game an instant classic. However, this should be a statement game.  

4. Win the Smaller Battles 

The battles of field position and turnovers are the ones that come to mind. If the Jags don't win these two battles, this game will easily get out of hand. This means snot taking chances on deep throws in the middle of the field and that also means that Matt Turk must have a big game. 

3.Give Blaine Gabbert Time in the Pocket

The Saints have will have DE Will Smith coming back into the lineup after being suspended and Gregg Williams (Who was the defensive coordinator of the Jaguars in 2008) will probably dial up some aggressive blitzes against his former team. Take the edge off of the rush by forcing 3rd and short.

2. Keep Darren Sproles and the Running Backs Out of the Game

This is just as important as keeping Brees out of the game. Mark Ingram, Pierre Thomas, and Darren Sproles are good running backs that could stopping Drew Brees impossible. Thomas and Ingram can run between the tackles quite well, but when you add in the shifty and fast Darren Sproles, you could have an issue in open space. Keep the Saints offense one-dimensional.  

1. Make Drew Brees Squirm

The way to approach any quarterback is to keep him from getting comfortable in the pocket and that is especially true when facing Drew Brees. Keep up the pass rush, push the interior linemen back and interfere with his step-in. Take advantage of the injury to RT Zach Strief (Who will probably be replaced by Charles Brown) and have Daryl Smith or Drew Coleman blitz from that side.  Do whatever you can do to disrupt that potent passing offense, because the Jags probably won't win in a shootout.

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