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Tinfoil Hat Chronicles, Quick Hit Edition: Jacksonville Jaguars Break Out the All-White Look for Blaine Gabbert’s Home Debut on Sunday

October 1st, 2011 at 3:40 PM
By Michael Hall

We all love conspiracy theories, especially here at Jaguars 101. With the news that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be breaking out the "whiteout" look for the second consecutive home game, it could mean a shift in direction or we could have a bit of fun with this and say that this decision has a bit more of a strategic element to it.  

The whiteout uniforms shall be the Jaguars' secret weapon against the Saints. The all white uniforms will keep the Jaguars players cool (although this is negligible since the high on Sunday is supposed to be 75 degrees), but its most sinister purpose will become apparent when combined with the sparkling teal helmets that the Jaguars players wear. The bright Florida sunlight bouncing off of the helmets will distract Drew Brees as he throws the ball, causing him to miss on critical passes and throw interceptions. Then you may ask how the all-white uniforms going to help the Jaguars win. When it is bright outside, the eyes immediately focus on darker objects. In Brees' case, it will be the dark uniforms of the Saints and with all of that sunshine, do you think he'll really notice that safety streaking across the field toward his receiver? Not until it's too late. All he will see is a streak of light and feel a breeze (pun intended) going in the other direction. Think about it…. 

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