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Can We Expect a Turnaround for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 4?

October 2nd, 2011 at 12:16 AM
By Michael Hall

Week 4 of the NFL Season will be critical if the Jacksonville Jaguars want to turn their rapidly sinking season around. This game against the New Orleans Saints seems a bit reminiscent of the situation going into Week 4 of last year. Many people in this town were resigning the season at this point last year as the Jaguars were destroyed in consecutive weeks by the Eagles and Chargers, only to have it turned around with one single kick. For those that are already marking the Jags down as 1-3, you might want to consider some things before you mark this as a win for the Saints. 

3. The Jaguars were Just as Inept Offensively 

So far this year, the Jaguars have only managed to score only 27 points in the first three games of this year. While this kind of offensive production is….offensive,  last year's offense was in just as much of a rut going into Week 4, scoring only 34 points in their first three games. All of a sudden, the Jaguars exploded on offense, scoring 31 points against the Colts. It isn't a stretch to see this kind of thing happen again.

2. The Jaguars Have More Than Their Record to Think About

The Jaguars barely sold enough tickets to avoid and blackout and get the game on TV. It is reasonable to assume that the crowd will not react well, if the offense starts out flat again. Therefore, it is likely that the offensive coordinator will take the kiddy gloves off of Blaine Gabbert and let throw the ball. Just remember that the infamous option play was unveiled in Week 4 of last season.

3. The Saints are Almost Exactly like the Colts. 

It is not a secret that the Indianapolis Colts are not the same without Peyton Manning at their helm. Well, the closest quarterback to Manning is Drew Brees.He's not the fastest guy or thge strongest guy, but he makes up for his brawn with his brains. He reads defenses and adjusts to them at the line, he's clutcxh, and he obviously makes his receivers better. However, with the Jaguars defense playing at a high level, it might be more challenging for them to score their  usual amount of points. 

On the other hand, the Saints defense is not very spectacular. However, it is quite adequate and while they do have a legit pass rushing threat in Will Smith, he's not enough to make offenses quiver in their boots. Therefore, defensive coordinator Gregg Williams dials up blitzes to artificially create pressure. Other than that, their aging secondary has been torched by the Packers and the Texans. While the Jags don't appear to have the offensive firepower as those two teams, they can surely score some points on this defense.  

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