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New Orleans Saints V. Jacksonville Jaguars: the Good the Bad, and the Ugly

October 3rd, 2011 at 1:31 PM
By Michael Hall

It's a bit more of an optimistic article this time even though the Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the New Orleans Saints 10-23. Defense looks good, offense needs work. Time to start the music.

The Good

The Jaguars defense is the real deal. While Brees threw for 351 yards,  he also threw 2 interceptions and suffered 3 sacks and they ultimately held a potent Saints offense to 23 points which was always with striking distance. It's just too bad that the offense didn't take advantage.

Paul Posluszny deserves a seperate set of kudos by laying a couple of big hits on Brees and breaking up a few key passes.that could've resulted in the score being more lopsided.

Austen Lane deserves a high five for getting his first career sack on a critical third down. Now please, do THAT more often and don't fall flat on your face when you're about to sack Drew Brees like you did in the first half. 

The Bad

Deji Karim needs to just keep the keep the ball in the endzone because some of his decisions to take the ball out on kickoffs pinned the Jaguars deep. 

The play balancing needs some serious work. Blaine Gabbert should throw the ball more often, but please throw in a few more runs. Maurice Jones-Drew had 84 yards on 11 carries for an average of over 7 yards per carry. Let him work his magic. 

The run defense needs to be tightened up. They should not have 175 rushing yards. The main problem were missed tackles, which turned small or negative gains from Sproles into huge gains for first downs. However, in fairness, Sproles is just as fast, short and elusive as Mojo. 

The Ugly

Blaine Gabbert's second half efforts were ghastly, only going 4-17 in  the second half. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have such a good first half. And all of a sudden, he keeps throwing inaccurate passes and it seemed like his confidence wavered a bit. At one point he missed 10 consecutive throws. Would it have killed Koetter and Jack to throw a screen? That's what worked in the first half. However, I shouldn't lay it on him too thick, but he can't just have stretches like that. Despite that, you can obviously see the potential in Gabbert, just look at his touchdown pass to Zach Miller. It was a professional throw and it was a glimpse into a bright future. Brian Sexton pretty much said it best in his play by play: If you're a Jaguar fan and you're not excited about that throw, check your pulse. 

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