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Cincinnati Bengals V. Jacksonville Jaguars Week 5 Preview: 5 Key Matchups to Watch

October 7th, 2011 at 1:35 PM
By Michael Hall

5 Key Matchups to watch on Sunday as the Jacksonville Jaguars face the Cincinnati Bengals at Everbank Field.

5. DE Matt Roth v. RT Andre Smith

Roth not only needs to pressure Andy Dalton in the pocket, he needs to contain the outside perimeter to keep Andy Dalton from buying time by running out of the pocket.

4. DE Jeremy Mincey v. LT Andrew Whitworth

Mincey has been getting close to the QB for most of the season. This is the time to actually take Dalton down for a couple of sacks . This critical game is not the time to "almost" sack the QB.

3. CB Rashean Mathis v. WR A.J. Green

The second rule of taming a rookie QB:  Take away his favorite target . If Andy Dalton can't get A.J. Green in the game, he will eventually get frustrated enough to force some throws to A.J. Green, resulting in an eventual interception.

2. Jaguars Linebackers v. TE Jermaine Gresham

Athletic tight ends have been the bane of the Jaguars defense for the past few weeks. Stopping Gresham should make it much easier to tame Andy Dalton. And if the corners keep the two main wide receivers about as  ineffective as most of the previous weeks, tis could be a long day for the Bengals offense, especially without their star running back. 

1. LT Eugene Monroe v. DE Carlos Dunlap

Blaine Gabbert's blind side needs to be protected, and it was apparent in the second half against the Saints. Guy Whimper does not need to be in that spot, Eugene Monroe does. Monroe needs to have a big game against Carlos Dunlap because he has shown signs of being a monster of a defensive end. The rest of the Jaguars offensive line needs to have a big day as well.The Bengals' defensive line is  underrated but they have been quite a formidable force and if the Jaguars want to get their offense back in sync, Gabbert has to have some time in that pocket. 

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