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Cincinnati Bengals V. Jacksonville Jaguars Week 5 Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

October 8th, 2011 at 7:28 PM
By Michael Hall

For the Jacksonville Jaguars, this is a winnable game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Follow these steps and the Jaguars could have a fighting chance, going into Pittsburgh next week. 

5. Feed Maurice Jones-Drew

Everybody knows the plan. Feed Mojo the ball to control the clock and set up the play action pass. 

4. Keep Cedric Benson Out of the Game

Cedric Benson will be back for his first game after a three game suspension. Don't let him get loose. If the Jaguars front seven manages to stop him, it will go a long way towards the next key to victory.

3. Keep Andy Dalton From Becoming Comfortable

If you choke off Andy Dalton's running game and force him to make plays, he will likely make more mistakes, especially if a pass rusher is staring him in the face as he throws. Both Jeremy Mincey and Matt Roth need to have a big game and Mel Tucker needs to call a couple of MLB blitzes like last week, because they seem to work well. 

2. Keep Blaine Gabbert Upright

The Jaguars offensive line needs to have a big day going against a Bengals defensive line that has been fierce throughout  this season. This is especially true for Eugene Monroe who will be coming back from a shoulder injury and will be protecting Gabbert's blindside from Carlos Dunlap.It's a simple formula, QB stays standing, QB makes good throws. QB not standing, QB makes bad throws and gets carried off of the field. 

1. Get the ball into the Endzone

Pretty much everyone is sick and tired of the nonexistent offense. The Jaguars need to find some way to get more than 17 points on the board. I don't care if it is pounding Mojo or throwing to Marcedes Lewis in the endzone (FYI to Blaine, he's 6-6 and he can catch), just find a way to generate some points and excitement. However, above all else, the Jaguars need to take a page from the book of the recently deceased Al Davis and  "Just win, baby!!!"  

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