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Cincinnati Bengals V. Jacksonville Jaguars Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

October 9th, 2011 at 4:56 PM
By Michael Hall

Epic Fail, guys, Epic Fail. Victory was right there and then everything is fouled up beyond all recognition.  Anyways, before I get angry, turn green, and start speaking in fragmented sentences, I'll just get this over with.

The Good

Aaron who? Jeremy Mincey was a monster out there, recording his first sack of the season and being a constant presence in the backfield.

Drew Coleman was also a monster out there, Yet again, he has been knocking defenders around and causing them to drop passes.

Dwight Lowery deserves props for getting that interception, he looks like that true free safety that the Jags have been waiting for.

The Bad

Cecil Shorts had a bad game covering punts, it might be time to just put Mike Thomas back out there, because Shorts doesn't seem ready yet. 

Brad Meester had a pretty bad game as well, He was getting pushed around  during the second half and then it hit the fan when he mis-snappped the ball causing a turnover on the penultimate drive. It looks like his Jaguar career might be coming to an end soon. 

The Jaguars' red zone offense was pretty bad as well. The Jags left 8 points on the board in the first half. You cannot win games that way.Gabbert could have hit Marcedes Lewis on an easy throw and on the other way around, Marcedes Lewis could have caught a pass in the endzone as well.

How do you fail a desperation play?  I know you can say, at least we tried, but you not only went for negative yardage, the ball was fumbled and returned for a touchdown. That was painful to watch.

The Ugly

Matt Turk needs to be gone yesterday. He has singlehandedly destroyed the Jaguars' chances to win this game and he has now done it twice.You're backed up in your own endzone and you shank a punt for 22 yards? I'm not even that mad about the three Bengal drives that were inside the 50, but there is NO excuse. Even if the wind gusts were going into your face. Seriously, GET OUT OF TOWN, NOW!!!! 

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