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The Jacksonville Jaguars Already Seem Ready to Replace P Matt Turk

October 10th, 2011 at 9:42 PM
By Michael Hall

According to ESPN's Paul Kuharsky, the Jacksonville Jaguars are wasting little time to to replace the struggling Matt Turk.  The Jags are inviting punters to Jacksonville on Tuesday for workouts, which probably means the end for Turks's short, yet painful tenure in Jacksonville.

Matt Turk was one of the major free agent signings after Adam Podlesh left as a free agent ,signing a 1 year, $1.2 million contract. Turk is around the bottom of the league in punt average (39.7) and net average (32.8). His struggles became most evident last Sunday, when the Jaguars needed a good punt for decent field position and he proceeded to kick a 22 yard punt., which gave the Bengals excellent field position for a game-winning score. This is not the first time that he screwed up.  In the Carolina Panthers game, where the Jaguars were protecting a lead  and were shutting down Cam Newton, he fumbled a punt and gave the Panthers excellent field position as well. That momentum allowed the Panthers to score the game-winning touchdown. Are you seeing a pattern here? And that is why I say good bye, Mr. Turk, and may we never see you again on the football field unless you are wearing a Texans jersey.    


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