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Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin Hangs up on Jacksonville Jaguars Media

October 13th, 2011 at 2:44 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

The NFL's classiest and most highly-decorated franchise just got a little classier, sarcastically speaking. 
Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin hung up during a conference call with Jacksonville Jaguars media members on Wednesday after being asked a line of questions he thought was a bit unreasonable.
According to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union, Tomlin was asked about the Steelers’ narrow loss to the Jaguars in the 2007 playoffs, and the officiating in the game, to which Tomlin responded:
"Guys, that was four years ago," Tomlin said. "I understand that might have been a big game in Jacksonville but that's old news. Many of those guys are no longer here and definitely many of the guys that were in Jacksonville are no longer there. Anybody got any questions relative to this week?”
He then paused and as another reporter began to ask a question, Tomlin said thanks and hung up.
The Jaguars take on the Steelers (3-2) in Pittsburgh Sunday at 1 p.m. and the two teams have been fairly competitive with one another in the Jack Del Rio era. 
Close contests aside, for Tomlin to hang up is pretty classless. Now, that probably happens more than fans would expect and he was perturbed by the Jacksonville media asking multiple questions about that game, which is obviously a bitter moment for him and apparently he has a chippy relationship with Vito Stellino of the Times-Union. 
But be Tomlin needs to be professional and answer the questions. He can't be so short-tempered, it makes him appear sensitive and overly emotional. 
This is just another memorable moment for the proud franchise. Maybe it doesn’t quite belong in the same category as messy off-field scandals, a mountain of fines from dirty hits or dumb tweets…or more dumb tweets, but the Steelers just can’t seem to avoid drama. 
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