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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Pittsburgh Steelers Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

October 15th, 2011 at 11:56 PM
By Michael Hall

The 5 keys to victory in order for the Jacksonville Jaguars to shock the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers. Let's get to it!

5. Run the Ball

It's simple. Get Maurice Jones-Drew going early and set the tone. It should also set up the play-action. (hint, hint)

4. Convert on Third Down.

The Jags are not sustaining long drives because they are not converting on third downs. With no long, sustained drives, there are not as many touchdowns.The Jaguars were 13th in the league in third down conversions in 2010 with a 40%. conversion percentage. Right now, the Jaguars are a mere 33% on third down.That needs to change immediately or the Jags will be hitting the "Suck for Luck" Sweepstakes .

3. Score Touchdowns, Not Field Goals 

More frustrating and annoying than the third down inefficiency are the red zone failures. Last year, the Jags were money in the red zone. This year, they can't run it in and they can't throw it in, all they can do is settle for field goals. something isn't clicking. The offensive line isn't getting push and even sure-handed pass catchers like Marcedes Lewis can't bring it in when it matters.This must improve.

2. Shut Down Rashard Mendenhall

Shut down the Steelers running game and you shall decrease the effectiveness of their passing game. Why? It takes out the play-action pass, which usually benefits the speedy Mike Wallace on deep routes. Plus, if Mendenhall is getting 1 or 2 yards on a carry, that puts the Steelers in a third and long. For those that are a bit slow on the uptake: Pass Rush + Third and long + injured offensive line = Sack Time!!! 

1. Pressure Big Ben!!!

If there was ever a time for the Rushmen  to make a name for themselves, this would be the time! The Steelers are missing T Marcus Gilbert and G Chris Kemoeatu and the Jaguars are going to finally get their best pass rusher, Aaron Kampman, back in the lineup. What does that mean? The defensive tackles need to collapse the middle of the pocket. Kampman needs to apply some pressure. Most of all, Jeremy Mincey needs to disrupt the backfield and give  Ben Roethlisberger a constant reminder of who the boss is. 


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