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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Pittsburgh Steelers Review: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

October 16th, 2011 at 10:55 PM
By Michael Hall

Well, it ended up being a lot closer than most people initially thought it would be. Saw some good, saw some bad, saw some serious ugly as the Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 13-17. Hit the music!

The Good

Middle linebacker Paul Posluszny was flying everywhere on the field. Getting him in free agency is already money well spent.

Reserve defensive end John Chick made some impact plays, playing a part in two sacks on Big Ben Roethlisberger. Looks like the Jaguars may have found their pass rusher.

Nick Harris had some pretty good punting performances today as well with some nice punts and kicker Josh Scobee is still perfect on the year.

The Bad

The defense was pretty bad  in the first half. They were pushed around on the run and they were burned by the fast Steelers receivers. It was tough to watch. However, despite all of that , they did step up when the Jaguars needed them most in parts of the second half.  

On the penultimate drive, the play call on 3rd and 4 was absolutely stupid. That was weak. You get good field position and you're trying to tie the game and you run the ball on 3rd and semi-short with your backup running back. I can understand that you're trying to set up for 4th and short, but why are you taking out your best player and replacing him with someone who has a 2 ypc average? Everyone knows that Karim is better on short passes and screens, why not do that? Sometimes, this coaching staff makes you want to cause yourself bodily harm. 

Pro Bowl tight end Marcedes Lewis didn't have a good day either. His drops were as blatant as they were numerous. C'mon, man. Throw the rookie a bone and catch those passes.

The Ugly

Initially, I would've said the playcalling but something else has irked me about the Jaguars today: The offensive line. Blaine Gabbert was sacked 5 times and there are at least 3 or 4 instances of him running for his life. I know the Jaguars were starting Cameron Bradfield, an UDFA rookie, at LT, along with Will Rackley at LG, but wow, the Steelers defense was in the backfield on almost every play. 4 sacks in the first half?Gabbert was obviously impacted by that, throwing passes prematurely and feeling phantom pressure. Jacksonville was setting ourselves up for failure by letting defenders blow by and whack Gabbert as he dropped back. Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton needs to get healthy or there won't be a QB to protect.

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