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WR Mike Sims-Walker’s Return to the Jacksonville Jaguars Could Mark the Turning Point of the Season

October 19th, 2011 at 9:35 PM
By Michael Hall

The Choppa City Juke is returning to Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed Mike Sims-Walker after he was released from the Rams.  Looking at this situation, you might say, how good can he be if he was cut by the Rams? However,  this could be a turning point for the Jaguars offense and perhaps for this season.It is no secret that the Jaguars passing offense has been beneath anemic though the first six weeks of the season. However, adding a somewhat reliable target in Mike Sims-Walker could help the Jaguars immensely. 

First, Mike Sims-Walker is a possession reciever who gets yards after the catch. He is also known as a very good blocker, which helps open lanes for Maurice Jones-Drew.  Jason Hill is the team's resident deep threat. While he can get some YAC, he can also keep the safeties honest, which is good news for screen and runs.(See a theme here?) Mike Thomas is not a #1 receiver. He's a slot receiver and perhaps a #2  that does well in open space. Having two guys draw coverage,leaves  Thomas to work the middle of the field, which he specializes in.  His speed and quickness allows him to run away from linebackers as well. Plus, with the return of MSW's blocking, Thomas will be much more effective on screens. Nobody should expect for the Jaguars to suddenly have a Top 10 offense, but ranking 15th in offfense in 2010 almost got the Jaguars into the playoffs with a horrible defense. Imagine how far the Jaguars would go with even a 20th ranked offense.

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