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Baltimore Ravens V. Jacksonville Jaguars Preview: 3 Key Matchups to Watch

October 21st, 2011 at 11:49 PM
By Michael Hall

These will be the three matchups to watch as the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the heavily favored Baltimore Ravens. If there is a time for the Jaguars to make a turnaround, this would be the time. 

3. RB Maurice Jones-Drew v. Ray Lewis and the Raven LB Corps

How do you make a strong defense waver? You tire out the front seven by sustaining long drives and pounding the ball until the the linemen start sucking wind like theat time I tried running two consecutive sets of suicides . If Montell Owens is healthy, let him back up Mojo when he gets tired.With long drives, that should also mean converting third downs, long and short. And that also means that the offensive line should be doing its' job at the line of scrimmage, but I shouldn't get ahead of myself.

2. Jaguars Offensive Line v. DE Haloti Ngata

Keep Blaine Gabbert's butt off of the turf. It should be a no-brainer, but for sake of emphasis, let me say this again: KEEP BLAINE GABBERT'S BUTT OFF OF THE TURF!!! Both Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton were late scratches against the Steelers and Gabbert paid dearly for it. He was sacked 5  times, and being pressured and hit on many other occasions. It obviously had an effect, as the pressure caused Gabbert to throw balls prematurely and he developed some happy the pocket during the latter part of the game. Ngata can disrupt the backfield from any side of the line. Stopping him gives Mojo some running room, which goes a long way for sustaining drives.  

1. LB Paul Posluszny v. RB  Ray Rice

In Week 4 against the New Orleans Saints, Darren Sproles shredded the Jaguars defense for 131 total yards (75 rushing, 56 receiving). Now, the Jags will be going up against the likes of Ray Rice , who is just as elusive as Sproles. Rice cannot be allowed to run free and set the tone in this game or else this game could easily become a lost cause and cost Jack Del Rio his job (It would be quite ironic if JDR's former team would cause him to lose his job).  Paul Posluszny should be Ray Rice's shadow. If Rice is running the ball, Poz should be filling a gap.  If Rice is running a route out of the backfield, Poz should be the first guy to rally to the football. One blown coverage or whiffed tackle and Ray Rice can take it to the house. For a team that is struggling to get any momentum going, that could be a quick and fatal dagger to the heart.  


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