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Baltimore Ravens V. Jacksonville Jaguars Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

October 23rd, 2011 at 12:05 AM
By Michael Hall

Five ways for the Jacksonville Jaguars to win against the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night. It will be a good time for Dawan Landry to make some plays against his former team.

5. Play Simple, Play Quick

Man, I love that picture. This would normally be applied toi the defense, but they have made this a point of emphasis during the seaso nand it has worked well. The offense should take a page out their book. Run the ball, throw a few screens (preferably not of the bubble variety) , and find a way to get your fastest players like Maurice Jones-Drew, Deji Karim, and Mike Thomas the ball in open space.

4. Run Flacco Run

Joe Flacco isn't exactly known as a dual threat QB. Therefore, keeping contain on him is less of a priority than in the previous weeks. However, pressuring Flacco into prematurely throwing the ball and forcing him outside of the pocket is the key to defensive success. The Ravens are going to have to make Anquan Boldin beat Rashean Mathis.With Boldin's lack of deep speed and Dwight Lowery's safety help over the top, I don't think Boldin will be a huge factor.  

3. Keep Gabbert Off of the Ground

The Ravens are known as an aggressive defense that can blitz. Therefore, it will be the offensive line's responsibility to give Blaine Gabbert enough time in the pocket to get off a good throw in the face of a blitz. Haloti Ngata needs to be neutralized. However, the line should get a boost since Eugene Monroe will be back in the lineup.  

2. Shut Down Ray Rice

You've seen the Keys Matchups article, right? Right? Anyways, stopping Ray Rice from causing havoc like Godzilla on a Japanese metropolis (Well, a shorter, but just as menacing Godzilla) is a way to keep the Jaguars in the game. Keeping Ray Rice out of the game will keep the Ravens off of their rhythm on offense. Therefore, being their most dangerous offensive player, he should be shadowed accordingly.

1. Convert Third Downs, Save Your Season.

How do you ignite a stagnant offense? Do the simple things right and the rest will follow. Case in point, the 2010 season, where the Jaguars offense was ranked 15th in the league in total yardage. The major difference is not necessarily the receivers, the quarterback or the running back. It's the 3rd down percentage. In 2010, the Jaguars were tied for 11th in the league in third down percentage with 40% converted. This year so far, The Jaguars are 26th in the league in third down efficiency with 32% of their third downs converted. That number must improve if the Jags want to turn this season around . However, with the addition of Mike Sims-Walker, I expect that number to improve anyways.

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