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Can Monday’s Win Turn the Season Around for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

October 25th, 2011 at 10:34 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

The Jacksonville Jaguars (2-5) shocked the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night, logging a 12-7 victory over one of the AFC’s top teams. It’s a win that will be remembered among the fan base for some time, but can upset bid do more than just inspire fans? Can it serve as momentum to get the Jaguars back on track?

Jacksonville appeared destined to be a bottom dweller before yesterday’s defensive slugfest. Fans were already paying more attention to mock drafts than they were matchup previews, but with the win comes hope.
The logic is that if the Jaguars can beat the Ravens, they can beat anyone. 
Heck, the Jaguars were good clock management and an average punter away from beating the Carolina Panthers and the Cincinnati Bengals this year and they hung tight versus a good New Orleans squad.
Their main problem was they didn't have the confidence to win close games. That’s not to imply that the Jaguars have a new-found killer instinct, but they definitely have a little confidence and sometimes that can go a long way.
Jacksonville is far away from being a complete team, as the offense is still a disaster. But now the team can believe in itself. Now players can buy into what head Coach Jack Del Rio is preaching a little easier. Sunday will be a challenge against a strong Houston Texans team. Realistically speaking, the Jaguars don't have enough offensive firepower to hang with most NFL teams and they've likely dug themselves into too deep a hole to climb out of. But the Jaguars now have hope. And with that, anything can happen. 
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