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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Houston Texans Preview: 3 Key Matchups

October 28th, 2011 at 5:33 PM
By Michael Hall

Three matchups to watch on Sunday as the Jacksonville Jaguars go on the road to face the Houston Texans.

3.  LB Paul Posluszny v. RB Arian Foster

The Jaguars are pretty good at stopping the run, being 10th in the league.  However, as trhe analysts on NFL Playbook pointed out, the Texans try to run the ball by stretching the field. Fortunately, the Jaguars seem to excel at defending the run on stretch plays Plus, some of the defensive players probably still have a bitter taste in their mouths from last year's season finale.

2. CB Rashean Mathis v. WR Andre Johnson

One of the major storylines of the week is that Andre Johnson is set to come back this week after missing three games due to injuries. If that does indeed happen, Mathis needs keep Johnson out of the game. With Matt Schaub primary target covered, he will be forced to probably check down to Arian Foster out of the backfield, which would probably go for minimal yardage since Daryl Smith and Paul Poslusny are usually realiable tacklers.

1. RB Maurice Jones-Drew v. LB Brian Cushing

Mojo being successful on the ground is the key to stopping the Texans offense. If you keep Matt Schaub off of the field and convert third downs (which has not consistently happened yet this year). The Texans high powered offense can be tamed as long as you keep the defense rested. And just in case they do score, build up a sizeable lead. It's a simple gameplan. Next week, we'll probably need to score more points than the other team to win.

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