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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Houston Texans Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

October 30th, 2011 at 12:15 AM
By Michael Hall

Five ways for the Jacksonville Jaguars to beat the Houston Texans and go into the bye week with newfound momentum and a one game trail in the AFC South.

5. Keep Blaine Gabbert Upright

It's not a big secret, keep your young QB upright in the pocket. The offensive line did pretty well on Monday, including a surprisingly effective effort against Haloti Ngata by Will Rackley.

4. Keep Arian Foster out of the Game 

Stuffing the run is paramount if the Jags want to contain this offense. The Texans often use play action to let the speedy Jacoby Jones get open deep. However, containing Foster is often easier said than done.

3. Don't Make Owen Daniels Beat You 

As stated in the Andre Johnson article, Stopping Owen Daniels and the tight ends is the key to stopping the Texans offense.  Owen Daniels is their leading receiver and he is a mismatch in the secondary. Stop him by any means necessary

2. Win the Third Down Conversion Battle

The Jags have not consistently converted third downs this year. This would be a good time to start, especially on those third and short situations. That also means that the wide receivers need to catch the ball on third downs. Is this getting old? It should be. By the way, that goes for the red zone plays as well (Take the hint, Marcedes Lewis).  

1. Stump Matt Schaub

Shut down the quarterback, you shut down the offense. It won't matter if Daniels gets open if Schaub is being chased by Jeremy Mincey or Terrance Knighton. The mission remains the same. Blitz on third and longs, force him to make extra reads, interfere with his step in. Anything you can do to keep him from making a good throw. After all, the quarterback must go down and he must go down hard. Anything less cannot be tolerated if you want to win this game. 

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