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This Bye Week is Critical for the Development of QB Blaine Gabbert and the Jacksonville Jaguars Offense

November 3rd, 2011 at 9:40 PM
By Michael Hall

For everyone that is already calling Blaine Gabbert a bust, calm down. Not only is it way too early in his career to make that call, He has only started 6 games in his career so far. This bye week is a time for him and the rest of the team to sit back, evaluate their play, and make an attempt to improve on their various weakness, especially on offense.

Imagine this: You're 21 years old. You're drafted high in the first round in the draft, with all of the hopes of that franchise firmly placed on your back. The next day, you're given a  playbook with new terminology and plays and you're asked to learn it (And by the way, see you a few months…) 3 months later,  you tried to to memorize the playbook and you're finally made it to training camp. You impress the fans and everyone is clamoring for you to start, even though all of this info is being crammed into your head  like crazy. Fast forward to November. You're thrust into the starting lineup and your first games are in a monsoon and then you're pitted against a gauntlet of tough defenses while you're behind an offensive line that plays musical chairs with linemen and  receivers that are running into defenders on routes and their gloves seem to have been coated with Crisco. Gabbert is learning about life in the NFL the hard way and the bye week is a time for the rookie to catch his breath. 

The offense needs to be getting some extra work done if they want to turn this season around. Should you enjoy your break? Sure, but don't start bolting as soon as the team heads out for the bye. I expect Blaine and the offense to be better after the bye week. If not , there's going to be a lot more wide receivers looking for work in January.

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