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Jaguars 101: Jacksonville Jaguars Mid-Year Awards

November 4th, 2011 at 2:01 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Jaguars101 is celebrating the 2-6 Jacksonville Jaguars’ bye-week with mid-season superlatives. 

Below are the categories eight. We’ll unveil the nominees each day along with our staff’s choices. After seeing fan feedback, we’ll pick a winner and release the winner of the award after a day or so. 
Should be a fun activity to pass the time. Sure beats beating up Blaine Gabbert, although we’ll probably do a little of that in the superlative nominations. 
Without further delay, here are the categories.
1.) Most Valuable Player- We would have liked to have a category for both offensive and defensive MVP, the offensive list would have been pretty short. When making your choice, consider who has been the driving force of this team, who has made the biggest impact. Whose lack of a presence would have the Jaguars possibly sitting winless? 
2.) Overachiever Award- Who has stepped up and surpassed expectations for the Jaguars? This is about someone who has flat out surprised you with their play.
3.) Best Addition- Jacksonville heavily invested in its defense this offseason and the results have been excellent, as the unit gone from a weakness to a strength. But who exactly has made the biggest difference? Factor in impact and bang for the buck here. 
4.) Biggest Meltdown- You don’t go 2-6 with a few close losses without some serous meltdowns and the Jaguars have had plenty. Which has been the most epic? 
5.) Biggest Disappointment- Some players entered the season with lofty expectations. This list is an equal blend veterans falling off and rookies not living up to hype.
6.) Rookie of the (Mid)Year- Tough to pick with so many disappointments. Look at who has surpassed expectations from where they were drafted and who has made the most positive impact. We know, the pickings are slim.
7.) ‘WTF is He Doing Here’ Award?- For the guy who routinely does something stupid and makes you ask out loud  what the heck he’s doing. 
8.) Mock Draft Hopeful- It’s about time to start looking at the mock drafts. Who would you like the Jaguars to draft if they finish in the bottom eight? 
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