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Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive End John Chick Could Be “The Man”

November 6th, 2011 at 10:23 PM
By Michael Hall

See what I did there with the title? I'm so clever, I even surprise myself. The Jacksonville Jaguars' resident overachiever rose from the ranks of the CFL to become the monster of a designated pass rusher that Quentin Groves and Larry Hart never became.

Be honest, when you heard that the Jaguars signed a guy named John Chick, you probably weren't expecting much. Don't worry, neither did I. However, against the Tennessee Titans in Week 1, you could see why he grasped GM Gene Smith's attention. He was not only an aggressive rusher that used his hands well, he had a motor that had him chasing the defender 10-15 yards down the field. Then in Week 5 he got his first sack as a Jaguar when he beat Andrew Whitworth to whack Andy Dalton. Then, in the next game, against the Steelers, he performed a sack-strip on Big Ben and he also created pressure that allowed Tyson Alualu to sack to get his first sack of the year.The key to his success is the exceptional burst that he gets off of the snap. Combined with the rip move (which helps him gain leverage against lineman) and the tomahawk chop (Which not is not only handy for being at an Atlanta Braves game, but for whacking the ball out of the QB's hands), he is a considerable force to deal with on third and longs.

This kind of stuff hasn't been consistently been seen by anyone in a Jaguar uniform since the playing days of Tony Brackens.  Chick might not become the next great every downs pass rusher in Jaguar lore, but it's fun to actually watch a DE beat his man bear down on a QB's blindside with reckless abandon. It's about as entertaining as watching a lion on the Discovery Channel getting ready to pounce on some poor, unsuspecting zebra in the African savanna.

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