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Jaguars 101 Jacksonville Jaguars Mid-Season Awards: Biggest Meltdown

November 7th, 2011 at 7:08 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

You can't start the season 2-6 without a couple of meltdowns and the Jacksonville Jaguars have had several forgettable meltdowns.

Below is the list of nominees for the top meltdowns in an individual game this season. We're looking for just one game, on humongous meltdown. 

Nominees for Biggest Meltdown

-Luke McCown Vs. the New York Jets - The Jaguars were 1-0 and McCown was coming off an efficient albeit  dull performance against the Tennessee Titans…that performance looked like Tom Brady's 2007 dismantling of the Jags compared to what happened next. McCown went 6-of-19 for 59 yards. Oh yeah, he also threw four interceptions, giving him a QB rating of 1.8. McCown was supposed to be a reliable game manager heading into that contest, but his erratic play forced the Jaguars to go ahead and start rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert by Week 3.

-Jack Del Rio's Clock Management Vs. the Carolina Panthers - The head coach dropped the ball in these two games. Against Carolina, the Jaguars' were marching for a game-winning score as they trailed 16-10 with less than 40 seconds left. Gabbert completed a pass to Marcedes Lewis to give the Jags a first down at Carolina's 36 with 16 seconds left. The play was under review but Del Rio wasn't ready for the clock to start after the play began and the Jaguars lost precious seconds as the clock ticked down and they only got one play off.

-Matt Turk Vs. the Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals – Two pitiful performances cost the Jaguars two games and the punter his job. Jacksonville added Turk (16-year veteran) in the offseason to supplant the loss of Adam Podlesh and it proved to be a costly move. Turk mishandled a snap against the Panthers, ending the team's surefire kill the clock and control field position for the entire second half. Cincinnati is the real dozy. Turk, 41, punted the ball seven times for an average of 32 yards, but it was his 22-yard bomb with five minutes left in the contest that will be remembered the most. . He punted the ball from the team's end zone and it only got out to the 28. That miscue led to a touchdown. He also had a 19-yard punt in the fourth quarter.

Staff Selections

Michael Hall- This is basically a ranking of which occurrence that raised my blood pressure the most. While Turk's tenure sucked and cost us two games, I would have to say that Luke's 4 INT performance at the Meadowlands almost made me punch another hole in the wall. To constantly lock on to Mike Thomas and throw it right into the defensive back's hands was infuriating. "Cool Hand" Luke, my foot. The only way he could get the "Ball Out" was when he would completely miss his target.

Brendan Sonnone- All three are really bad and have played a huge role in the Jaguars being where they are now. I don't think the McCown performance was as bad as many think. It was a horrible game, but would Gabbert have down much better that game? Would the result be any different? Based on his play this season, the answer is no. Turk was bad too, but that's what you get when you sign a 41 year-old punter…To me, it has to be Del Rio. He cost the Jaguars two games with horrible clock management. Not know the clock was running against the Panthers was inexcusable. 

Charlie Bernstein- The biggest category had me going back and forth between Luke McCown's historic atrocity in the Meadowlands and Jack Del Rio's late-game malfunctions.  In the end, I had to go with Del Rio.  The main reason is if Luke McCown didn't meltdown against the Jets, there's no reason to believe Blaine Gabbert or any other quarterback wouldn't have.  Contrary to popular belief that was never a winnable game…. When Jack Del Rio didn't know that the clock runs after a completed pass over the middle of the field, it made most Jaguars fans question everything that's occurred over the past eight years.  It was a time management mistake of "Andy Reid-ian" proportion, with an assist to the longest-tenured Jaguar in team history Brad Meester.  Del Rio and Meester teamed up once again to look completely clueless at the end of the Cincinnati game so for that, I salute you.  Two winnable games that would have the team at 4-4 and in the thick of the AFC South race now leaves them at 2-6 and in the thick of the Andrew Luck race.

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