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Jaguars 101 Mid-Season Superlatives: Jacksonville Jaguars “Biggest Disappointment”

November 8th, 2011 at 4:06 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

Which player has been the biggest disappointment for the Jacksonville Jaguars

We have a few good candidates.

Nominees for Biggest Disappointment 

-Blaine Gabbert -Sure, the rookie quarterback was placed in a no-win situation, but he has not helped himself out. Poor mechanics and timid pocket presence has led to 62 QB rating and a completion percentage of 45. You can say his wide receivers and line aren't helping him and you'd be right, but he has a great running back and a very good defense to help him out. He wasn't expected to be an All-Pro as a rookie, but his numbers and inability to win games categorize him as a disappointment up to this point. 

-Marcedes Lewis- He was supposed to build off of a Pro Bowl season and MMA training was supposed to make the tight end more athletic. But after signing a nice-sized contract extension, Lewis has been a non factor in Jacksonville's offense. He had 10 TDs last season but only has 15 receptions and 174 yards this season. Is he hurting from not having David Garrard? Has he let the money got to his head? Whatever it is, he's been a tremendous bust this season.

-Cecil Shorts- Really, this award could go to anyone of Jacksonville's wide receivers. Heck, feel free to vote for Mike Thomas if you want. After all, he was supposed to emerge as a No.1 target this season but has struggled to get consistent separation. But the real letdown here is Shorts. Yes, he's a rookie coming from a small school, but he drew rave reviews this preseason and there were grand hopes that he'd do some damage as a slot receiver and punt returner, but that hasn't been the case. He was replaced as a punt returner and  has yet to log a reception. Pretty bad. 

Staff Suggestions

Michael HallMarcedes Lewis was supposed to take the next step and become that go-to tight end for the young rookie QB. Now, he's dropping balls left and right and when Gabbert calls his number in the end zone, he can't come down with it. Dude, you're 6-6, don't let some runt of a defensive back swat the ball out of your hands. I don't think that the purpose of MMA training was to make you play like a wimp.

Brendan Sonnone- You expect rookies to struggle but not a Pro Bowler entering the prime of his career. There is no excuse for Marcedes Lewis' play. Dropped passes, lack of athleticism…it just looks as if he isn't trying that hard.

Charlie Bernstein (of JagNation)- Based solely on the expectations from a Pro Bowl season, tight end Marcedes Lewis has been the team's biggest disappointment.  Lewis' numbers are down which isn't unexpected with the poor play from the quarterback position and the fact that teams are paying closer attention to him.  It's just a matter of how the numbers are down- with drops.  Lewis was plagued by the dropsies early in his career and seems to have reverted back to that slippery fingers form throughout the first half of 2011.  Lewis is still one of the team's best weapons but he needs to pick it up.

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