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Jaguars 101 Mid-Season Superlatives: Jacksonville Jaguars’ Most “Utterly Confused Player”

November 9th, 2011 at 10:49 PM
By Brendan Sonnone

This will be Jaguars 101's final mid-season award. This distinction goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars player that has made too many bone-headed plays too count. The winner here will be the guy that consistently looks lost on the field and makes you wonder what he's doing out there.

Nominees for "Utterly Confused" Award

-Luke McCown – Talk about bang for the buck. In his second start this season with the Jags, McCown threw four interceptions versus the New York Jets. A couple of them were right to Jets defenders who weren't even close to Jacksonville targets. It was probably one of the biggest head- scratchers this franchise has evern seen. 

-Will Rackley – Simply put, the rookie guard has struggled. He's started six games for the Jaguars, but the third-round selection has struggled to adjust to NFL speed.

-Deji Karim – Karim showed promise as a backup running back and kick returner this pre season. With Rashad Jennings placed on IR, Karim was pushed into the team's back up role, where he's failed miserably. He's averaging just 2.6 yards per carry and looks tentative when running with the ball. He's also demonstrated poor decision making as a kick returner, taking numerous kicks out of the end zone that he probably should have just downed. 

-Guy Whimper – The mammoth right tackle looks silly out there at times. He's been adequate against the run but is a tremendous liability against nimble pass rushers. His inability to routinely seal off blocks on the right side isn't helping Blaine Gabbert's happy feet and he's become a liability in obvious passing downs. 


Staff Suggestions

Michael HallLuke McCown has looked pretty lost for reasons known to everyone that had the displeasure of watching that Jets game. Rackley was abused earlier in the season, but he looked good recently and though Whimper has had Suggs, Woodley, and Brooks FREAKING Reed eating his lunch, he is normally a third stringer. 

Brendan Sonnone- Guy Whimper is my choice because of consistency. He looks lost out there so often. He has a few good moments that are peppered in there, but overall I'd have to say he's been a pretty big liability as he lummoxes around out there. 

Charlie Bernstein (of JN)- Will Rackley was forced into the starting lineup due to some arrogance by the general manager to try and prove his third-round pick was worthy of the selection.  To put it simply, Rackley has been overwhelmed and abused at left guard and at no point this season has he looked like an NFL offensive lineman.  I'm not against drafting small school guys, but when you get to the offensive line, Rackley is experiencing athletes that he's never encountered in small college and things don't look up for him going forward.

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