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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Indianapolis Colts Preview: 3 Key Matchups

November 11th, 2011 at 11:23 PM
By Michael Hall

As the Jacksonville Jaguars come off of the bye week to face the Indianapolis Colts. Here are three key matchups to watch as you're wondering how one player could impact a football team so much.

3.  RT Guy Whimper v. DE Robert Mathis

Ugh. I'm hoping that Jack Del Rio decides to put Cameron Bradfield out there at right tackle. Whimper has been a weak link since the Steelers game. He's not really getting any push on the line and he's getting easily beaten by speed rushers.Fortunately for him, Mathis isn't as spry as he used to be, but if he has a bad day against Mathis,Blaine Gabbert will probably have a bad day. 

2.  WR Jason Hill v. CB Jacob Lacey

Jason Hill needs to have a big day against the Colts defense in order for the Jaguars to be successful. That means no appareant drops. For goodness sake, you're going against one of the worst defenses in the league. you better do something. That goes for Mike Thomas, Marcedes Lewis, and Cecil Shorts as well. When the ball hits you in the hands, catch it. If you guys don't improve during these last 8 games, you might be on the street by next season.

1. RB Maurice Jones-Drew v. LB Pat Angerer

It is no big secret that this offense runs on Maurice Jones-Drew. In comes Colts MLB Pat Angerer (The best linebacker name since T.J. Slaughter). He leads the NFL with 98 tackles and it's safe to say that he pretty solid when it comes to wrapping up. It looks like Mojo is going to have to hit the edges if he wants to pull out some monstrous runs on Sunday.  Either way, I don't  expect much of an issue in the run game. After the first long touchdown drive, I don't think that the Colts are going to recover and score immediately. 

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