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Jacksonville Jaguars V. Indianapolis Colts Preview: 5 Keys to Victory

November 12th, 2011 at 11:30 PM
By Michael Hall

You know the routine by now, let's just get this thing started.

5. Keep Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis Out of the Game

Run the Ball off tackle, throw some screens, and grab a lead quickly.Do these things and you will keep those two out of the game. Even if Guy Whimper is probably starting at right tackle.

4. Win the Turnover Battle 

The first rule of avoiding upsets:  Don't make stupid mistakes. In every great upset,  you notice that the superior team just keeps the other team in the game until they are eventually overtaken,  whether due to dumb penalties or turnovers. Learn from history.    

3. Establish Maurice Jones-Drew

The Indianapolis Colts are 31st ranked defense overall, icluding a ranking of 31st in run defense. Insert Mojo, who is still probably angry about last year's December matchup and you've got a big day for Mojo.Well, that and the play-action pass (That's a hint, Dirk Koetter).

2. Move The Chains, Especially on Third Downs

This should go without saying. Getting Mojo started on the ground will help convert some of those third downs, but this is still a ciritcal key to victory. Especially since they haven't done that consistently yet.When you're trying to run out the clock, it really helps when you move the chains.I'm just being thorough here. I'm sure that doesn't include running Deji  Karim (who is averaging 2.6 ypc) up the middle on third and short or dropping a simple catch at the slightest bit of contact..  

1. Establish a Killer Instinct

You know what would be nice? Absolutely destroying an opponent. Even one we should be expected to beat. I want the Jaguars offense to not only take a lead, but to keep running up the score. Is 28 points too much to ask for? You guys scored 30 points 5 times last year. You've gotta show an improvement from the past two months. After all, If you just let them stay around, you might end up flying back to Jacksonville with another loss and Jack Del Rio will probably need to start updating his resume.

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